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Shortly after my introduction to my younger brother and sisters, the Copeland family, in the fall of 2006, my sister Marilyn sent a copy of "The Return". It was a poem written by our Father. At Christmas of 2007 Marylyn assembled a book of his compositions.

They have given me an insight into the father I never knew and I share some of them on these pages.

I publish them here as the property of my Copeland brother and sisters and, as his children, they retain the copyrights on the works of Alden J Copeland. You may link to these pages but may not copy or publish  his work in any media without their expressed permission.



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The introduction (above) was by my sister, Marilyn Copeland, and is included in the book she prepared as a 2007 Christmas gift for myself and her other siblings, Irene Copeland, Rita Barilla  and John Copeland. These poems, stories and essays were discovered by Alden Copeland's family after his death in 1967 in the attic of their home. The papers were in poor condition but Marilyn has carefully transcribed them and added appropriate graphics and photos for these pages.

I respectfully disagree with Marilyn in her assessment of their worthiness for publication and present them to the world on these web pages. They have indeed been important to me as a way for me to know the dad I had not previously known. Thanks Marilyn.

Note - April, 2009:
An email from John A Prime, informed us that one of the poems we had attributed to our father was actually written by someone else and had indeed been published. Marilyn then checked and found that there were at least two others that were not written by him. We have noted the error in authorship for these but kept them here as works which were treasured by our father and probably inspired him to write others. We sincerely believe we have corrected all errors of authorship but will make further corrections if we become aware of other errors.


Riding the Rollers with Pvt. Copeland
A Short Story

A Letter to the Editor
A Poem

The Raindrops on Your Old Tin Hat
Lt. John Hunter Wickersham

The Return
A Poem

An Ex-Buck's Dream of Heaven 
A Poem

Soldier's Prayer
Author Unknown

Questions? Questions?
A Poem

The Attack!
A Poem

Looking Back
A Poem

A Poem

A Poem

A Shattered Romance
A Poem

Al Copeland 1918 A Vision of Yesterday
A Poem
To Lucile
 I Dream

Two Poems
A Matter
of Taste

A Poem
The Hobo Angel
A Poem
A Tom Fooler Rhyme
Haywire Mac
Interpretive Dancing
A Poem
A Poem
A short Essay
Something to
Think About

An Essay
What Do
We Read?

An Essay
Keep Going
An Essay
The Lure of the Far Away
A Poem
 The 17th Cavalry
Schofield Barracks

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