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My Father Treasured ...


It doesn't make sense but that's OK. It brings a smile and I love it. My father may have been inspired by the words of "Ain't We Crazy" by Haywire Mac. or it may be one of the many versions of this kid's song. As silly as it is, it concludes with a truism and what could be a serious thought with Heaven as a place where people remain together. I wonder about the fact that Al's mother had died just 11 days after his birth. He and his father moved in with his grandparents but when his father married a second time Al remained with his grandparents while his father and new wife raised their subsequent children sans Al. Did his father, consciously or unconsciously blame him for for his mother's death? Or was it just a practical matter ... that he was comfortable with his grandparents, so why disrupt things?

Again we have the artistry of Marilyn Copeland to thank for preparing the page with it's graphics.

My Father Treasured ...

A Tom Fooler Rhyme
Haywire Mac

Shortly after my introduction to my younger brother and sisters, the Copeland family, in the fall of 2006, my sister Marilyn Copeland sent a copy of "The Return". It was a poem written by our Father. At Christmas of 2007 Marylyn assembled a book of his compositions adding graphics as shown here. .

They have given me an insight into the father I never knew and I share some of them on these pages.

Donald J Plefka
a.ka. Grandpa Don


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