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But it is always the same question ... everyone looks down on the Regular Army, the guys who do the training and the dirty work, steadfast and true, in peace and war. At the time no one was interested in the fact that the 17th Cavalry had to chase Poncho Villa back across the border the numerous times when the Mexican Federal troops chased him out of Mexico. Of course that is now a paragraph or two in the history books and the subject of several Western movies. My father and many others like him lived these times back in 1918 while the "Big War" was ending in Europe.

Thanks go to my sister Marilyn for digging out the old photos of the US troopers and of the Mexican revolutionary, turned bandit, Poncho Villa on his horse. The photo of the soldiers includes Al Copeland himself, first on the left. In the detail below, I have cropped the photo to isolate our father at age 18. I dug out my HS graduation photo at age 18 for comparison. We may have had the same barber.

Al Copeland Don Plefka

My Father Wrote ...

Questions? Questions?
by Alden J. Copeland

Shortly after my introduction to my younger brother and sisters, the Copeland family, in the fall of 2006, my sister Marilyn Copeland sent a copy of "The Return". It was a poem written by our Father. At Christmas of 2007 Marylyn assembled a book of his compositions adding graphics as shown here. .

They have given me an insight into the father I never knew and I share some of them on these pages.

Donald J Plefka
a.ka. Grandpa Don


This work by Alden J. Copeland is the property of my Copeland brother and sisters and, as his children, they retain the copyrights on his works. You may link to these pages but may not copy or publish his work in any media without their expressed permission.

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