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My Father Wrote ...

This essay on life required several readings on my part and at several levels in order to get it all together. It is not about ppigrams although it tells us about them. St.Francis of Assisi gave us this same message when he told his followers< "Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words". But to do that we must internalize the Gospel, making it a habit so it becomes that with witch we are identified, ... our reputation.

We are "selling" ourselves whenever we interact with others, letting them know what we think and believe as well as our capabilities. My father exhorts us to be truthful, particularly when using words. It has been said that the worst thing for a bad product is a good salesman. Dad says, don't sell what you can't provide. Good advice!

Marilyn Copeland, brings us the picture of the "thinking man" surrounded by his books in the tranquility of his library, the ideal of the thinking man. Obviously one can also be a man of deep thought in the confines of a military barracks or maybe while relaxing on a Hawaiian hillside or beach. .

My Father Wrote ...

Something to Think About
by Alden J. Copeland

Shortly after my introduction to my younger brother and sisters, the Copeland family, in the fall of 2006, my sister Marilyn Copeland sent a copy of "The Return". It was a poem written by our Father. At Christmas of 2007 Marylyn assembled a book of his compositions adding graphics as shown here. .

They have given me an insight into the father I never knew and I share some of them on these pages.

Donald J Plefka
a.ka. Grandpa Don


This work by Alden J. Copeland is the property of my Copeland brother and sisters and, as his children, they retain the copyrights on his works. You may link to these pages but may not copy or publish his work in any media without their expressed permission.

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