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The members of the Liturgy Planning Ministry, meet before the major church seasons to discuss the "focus" of the season and how the liturgies can be used to bring the parishioners to a better understanding of the season. The members of this ministry include the pastor, liturgy staff members, music staff members, the head of the Art and Environment ministry, and several parishioners who have an interest and training of the subject. I am a member. One of the functions of a few of these members is to write articles for the parish weekly bulletin during these seasons. Articles that I have written are on this page. 

The Fourth Sunday of Easter 04/21/02
The Fourth Sunday of Lent, 2002 
Fourth Sunday of Advent, 2001
Third Sunday of Lent 2001
Third Sunday of Advent - 2000
“Love one another”
(John 15:9-17)
He is Risen!
Body and Blood of Christ
We Have a Mission!
Epiphany 2000 
Third Sunday of Advent, 1998
The Gospel according to Roseanne
We all want to be WINNERS

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