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We all want to be WINNERS 

There was an article in the paper about investing in the market and that many  people feel that they are loosing if their investments have not returned the high profits that others have.  The writer suggested that investors should redefine their meaning of winning. If their investments met their goals, they won. 

Recently, I learned of the sad experience of two of our friends.  This is a couple who, when the husband retired, became financially very well fixed.  They purchased a very expensive home in an exclusive location. Why is this sad? Their family and friends should have rejoiced at their good fortune. Instead, they were jealous and resentful. Did the resentful relatives and friends loose because someone else won?  These friends of ours didnít change the way they treated others. Their story came out when they told us how grateful they were that we remained their friends when the others now rejected them. 

I think the founding fathers of our country did us a disservice when they declared that "we are all created equal". Yes, we should all expect equal opportunity and equal protection under the law, but I think Paul does a better job when he states that we all have different gifts. It is up to each of us to define our goals based on our unique talents. If we believe that the one who dies with the most toys is the winner, we are bound to loose. 

People are usually aware that they should be chartable to those less fortunate and to go a little out of their way to show them some respect. At the same time we often feel inferior to those who are more fortunate than we.

God looks at the gifts he has given us and judges on what we have done as stewards of those gifts.  If someone gets more than we, that does not diminish what we have.  They have not taken some of "our share". 

We should, indeed, redefine "Winning".

Don Plefka


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We all want to be WINNERS 

The World of Grandpa Don 

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