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Third Sunday of Advent, 1998     

      The first reading this week (Isaiah 35:1-6,10) speaks of Godís promise of an ideal world.

      The Hebrew people were awaiting a Savior who would take them from under the thumb of other nations. They were to have a great benevolent king and they would be happy and prosperous. They thought this was to be a kingdom on earth. The Jewish religion does not require the belief in an afterlife. (Some Jews do and some donít.) It is a religion that sets rules of living for an earthly life. Godís promise is to be fulfilled either in oneís own life or their descendantís. 

      In the letter to James (5: 7-10), early Christians are told to be patient.

      We often get discouraged with illness and misfortune. We question God when our prayers are not answered. We are reminded that Godís promise is yet to come and not to expect Heaven in this life. 

      In the Gospel of Matthew (11:2-11) Jesus tells the people that John is a messenger who prepares the way for the Savior. Jesus also tells us that John is a prophet, but that there will be prophets in Heaven much greater than him.

      We are all called to be prophets by living Christ-inspired lives. Only we can improve this world by living as Jesus taught us. At the same time we prepare for the coming of Christ in Glory.

       Advent is the time of the year to become more aware of the promise of God. Are we expecting what we think we need, or what God has promised?

      We are asked to put the things of this life in perspective. What is our ultimate goal? What is important for the health of our soul? What does God ask of us? 

Don Plefka


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Third Sunday of Advent, 1998 

The World of Grandpa Don 

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