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Body and Blood of Christ

Take and Drink
Members of the Catholic Community are invited to share in both the Body and Blood of Christ at all our Masses. This sharing puts us in intimate union with Jesus and each other.

On this Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, we want to remind you of the inappropriateness of dipping the host in the cup. Previous bulletin articles have addressed this issue, and why the practice is prohibited. Though it is permissible for a priest or minister to dip the host in the cup and then place it on the tongue of the communicant there are special vessels designed for this, which prevent spilling.

It is never acceptable for the communicant to dip his or her own host in the cup and then consume it. There are many reasons for this. It is very difficult to do this without spilling. We often see people shaking the dipped host over the cup to rid it of excess wine; not only is that unseemly, but it does not prevent wine from dripping on the floor. It is also prohibited because it is a form of self communication. When we receive Eucharist, the Body and Blood are offered by another person - we are not to help ourselves.

There are many reasons why people might choose not to share the cup; they may feel uncomfortable, or they could be sick. The cup is offered at all our weekend masses, all weekday masses as well as all weddings and funerals, and many people choose not to take it. We encourage all to share in the cup and experience the fullness of the sacrament but if you choose not to drink from the cup, please remember that dipping the host is prohibited. 

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The above is taken from a Parish Bulletin article of St. Julie Billiart Parish in Tinley Park, IL

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Body and Blood of Christ

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