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We Have a Mission! 

A mission is a purpose, or a goal. If we don’t know our purpose in life, we cannot know which activities will bring us to our goal. Several years ago, after input from each of our ministry boards, the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) approved a declaration of the mission of St. Julie Billiart Parish and published the Parish Mission Statement. This document begins …

“St. Julie Billiart Parish, energized by the love of the Holy Spirit, is a welcoming community of disciples, …”

Much thought was given to the last word quoted above, “disciples”. We are not to be a community of just believers, but disciples.

A disciple is a believer who follows a teacher and promotes his cause. In using the term Disciple in the Parish Mission Statement, it is intended that every member of the parish be more than just a believer. We are asked to rise above the average by actively living our faith.

There are many ways we can do this. No mater what our age, state of life, or physical condition, there are things we can do to become active disciples. This includes everything from becoming active in one of our many clubs or ministries to enriching our spirituality by participating in our liturgies. Go to one of our Faith Sharings for one session and return for more if it suits you. It’s not too late to check out a meeting of Disciples in Mission.  Try a Kingdom Weekend retreat. Attend Lenten devotions. For a real taste of Christianity come the Triduum Services during Holy Week and find the core of our faith. Take our faith with us to our lives at home, work, and play. Treat others as Jesus would. Be a Disciple!

Let us rise above the average. In doing so we raise the average and bring up those who just want to be average. We can make the world better!

Don Plefka


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The members of the Liturgy Planning Ministry, meet before the major church seasons to discuss the "focus" of the season and how the liturgies can be used to bring the parishioners to a better understanding of the season. The members of this ministry include the pastor, liturgy staff members, music staff members, the head of the Art and Environment ministry, and several parishioners who have an interest and training of the subject. I am a member. One of the functions of a few of these members is to write articles for the parish weekly bulletin during these seasons. Articles that I have written are on this page. 

We Have a Mission! 

The World of Grandpa Don 

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