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Creation and God's Plan

I have, in the past several years, become "aware" of certain beliefs that may have been with me for my entire life but now have surfaced to my consciousness. These beliefs have been supported by several noted authors and by personal experience. I have confessed that there were times when I have doubted the existence of God but those doubts have now been totally erased. This then is part of what I have come to believe. You may not agree and that is OK.

There was a "Big Bang" and the universe was created. It has evolved into what we can observe today. This evolution of the universe was made possible by the same force which created the "Big Bang" because the force was God and God had an intention in converting pure energy, His Energy, into a material universe. I believe that God's intention was to share himself with the beings He created and so, based on His love, it was a benevolent creation. 

There was a "singularity", emitting from the will, or energy, of God and being a part of God, it is one with God. God created this particle of matter so small and yet with so much mass that there was an explosive expansion. This initial particle was created with the "DNA" (to conger up a term) to evolve into the entire universe and everything it. So, before it was done, God, so to speak, put his intentions into motion by saying "Let there be ...". And so, in the beginning, there was God's plan, His "Intention" for sharing His goodness.

It was a benevolent plan. To create without benevolence would be to create with out a plan ... and that would be self destructive. Since everything was from God, everything was one with God and in harmony with God. The Big Bang was in harmony with God because it was part of His plan. From the singularity there came particles and atoms and then elements. The seeds of stars and planets were sown, and so it continued.

Life eventually became part of this universe. Each plant had it's purpose according to the plan and when animal life came into being, it too had it's place. Everything had it's place and purpose. ... And then there were people, human beings came to be, ...  as part of God's plan. How this all happened is not important. The important thing is that it was all an intentional creation of God. Since people originated from the energy that was God, they are created one with God.  I believe that God's plan was that human beings were intended to share His creation with Him and to work with Him to return to the singularity of His plan. Not to become a massive particle but to become as one in spirit with God.

God's plan was based on benevolence and when the "DNA" for man was included, it contained free will. That is what made man different from the other living things. Man would be able to chose between good and evil for to create him otherwise would be to create a robot. There is no merit in a robot's actions because a robot's failure to perform would reflect the failure of its creator. I believe, however, that God's intent was for man to be one with the will, or plan, of God through man's choosing that goal.

Now remember, at the beginning there was a benevolent singularity of plan. And so goodness is at the basis of creation. When we act with kindness and good will, act with selflessness, we act in union with the plan. We are in union with God and each other. This builds towards the singularity of spirit and reinforces the spiritual forces of good. I believe that there is a bond that is strengthened as we move towards the benevolence of God's plan. We raise our selves to a higher level of being as we become more in union with Him. This, I think is one of the lessons that Jesus was teaching.

 Having the ability to chose can give us a feeling of independence, and this can separate us from the singularity of creation by allowing ego to influence our thinking. As C. S. Lewis states, ego is what caused Satin to rebel against God. Ego, not money, is the root of all evil. 

I further believe that if we are in total union with God's singularity, or His Will, we are of one spirit with God and each other. Since this singularity is from God, it, like God, is infinite in all respects. We can not imagine what that can mean. That state of being is what I imagine as the Kingdom of God and the "Heaven" for which we strive. We look to it as the goal and hopeful conclusion of our life as mortal beings.

We also speak of the Kingdom of God on earth, and why not. If we all were in perfect accord with God's will, we would have His Kingdom on earth. To do it would require suppression of our ego and all the evils that our egos create. Try to think of a sin against God or man that doesn't arise from ego. I don't think you can. (Ego says, 'My needs and desires are more important than someone else's.) And since each man is part of God's singularity, a sin against man is a sin against God.

As we become less ego driven and more aware of the need to become one with others, we become more in tune with the Divine intent. That means that we are actually able to 'tap into' the universal common energy that is the singularity of God's creation. We actually start to live at a higher level of existence. We begin to experience glimpses of the brilliance of God and become more 'aware' of creation,  it's wisdom and it's knowledge. This concept is explored in detail by David R Hawkins, M.D., Ph, D. in his book “Power vs. Force”. Hawkins points to the achievements and inventions of many brilliant men who were particularly 'selfless' in their lives. The journey to higher levels of existence is self perpetuating. The higher we go, the easier it is to progress. 

To start, however, is difficult. Rejection of ego is difficult. The fact is that ego is also self perpetuating. We start by striving for the 'necessities' of life and if successful, soon find ourselves taking pride in our accomplishments, our ability to have something better or in greater quantity than someone else. Ego drives pride and pride is self supporting. If we allow it to control us, we find ourselves sliding into unethical and immoral means to  accomplish our ever expanding goals. Failure in our endeavors has the same effect because our ego tells us we 'deserve' the same rewards as the next guy, propelling us to use any means to accomplish our goals. Even the perception of failure has this effect. And so, the lower we sink in our 'level of existence', the easier it is to accept our ego driven direction of travel.

I believe that we start our journey by positive thinking, accepting life as it happens, and dealing with it in positive ways. Simple kindnesses in our everyday relationships become self perpetuating and selfless acts become self rewarding. Soon ego begins to slip aside. It is not easy because old habits are hard to break and we have been taught to take pride in our abilities and accomplishments. The odd thing is that when I stopped striving for wealth, a degree of wealth came to me.1 When I stopped being concerned about my personal happiness, happiness came to me.2 When I stopped being upset with the demands of others on my time, I started to enjoy life more.3 

I believe that God intended that we, creatures of His creation should participate in the completion of that creation. We each do that by rising to a higher level of existence in our lives, gradually eliminating ego as we realize it's detrimental effect. When ego is gone from the human race, we will be at that singularity with God and there will be Heaven on Earth. Our free will to be selfless will have mad us one with the plan of God.

We believe that God sent His Son to save us. If we look at the teaching of Jesus we see overwhelming  examples of selflessness. We se the same thing in His life. And certainly there was no trace of ego in His death. His resurrection gives us the promise of eternal life and unity with God. It will be when most of humankind as achieved a high level of existence through selflessness that Jesus will "come Again" to deliver their ultimate reward and condemn the few remaining unfortunates who clung to ego.4

As I said at the beginning, you may not agree with my beliefs. But even if I am wrong, will I do any harm by trying to live this way?5

Don Plefka



  1. I did not stop working. I changed my focus to continuing doing a good job and not being concerned that I wasn't being paid what I was worth and that others were making more with less effort. 

  2. I switched my focus to making those around me happy, being sensitive to their concerns and well-being. 

  3. I adapted the attitude that "life is what happens while you are planning something else" and decided it wasn't my time to begin with, It was time that God gave me to use for the benefit of every one.    

  4. My beliefs in no way conflict with my being a Catholic and the Catholic faith. They are, I believe, compatible and reinforce each other.

  5. I have a long way to go.


My Beliefs

These are presented in no particular order but are listed as they come to mind. They are mine and I do not intend to impose them on anyone else. If you come to accept them, I am happy to share them. These beliefs have been accumulated during my entire life but mostly during the most recent years. They come out of personal experience, and the teaching and influence of others. 

Creation and God's Plan

The World of Grandpa Don 

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