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We are not remembered, or judged. by what we know or by what happens to us, but by how we chose to live our lives.

God gives us free will. We chose between good and evil. Sometimes we have to chose between a good and a greater good. And, unfortunately, there are times when we must chose between an evil and a greater evil. In any case, there are guidelines that we can use in making our choices.

My daughter and her family gave a gift on Christmas, 2002 which will be part of my daily time of meditation and reflection. It is "Grace For The Moment" by Max Lucado. The Introduction is named "Each Day" and it inspired me to create this page because the thoughts are so much in tune with my beliefs. I will use Mr. Lacado's piece as an outline and expand on it.

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Don Plefka
January, 2003

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Perpetuation of Stereotypes and other abominations.


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