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A friend directed my attention to the beautiful pencil sketches of Jean Keaton. They are spiritually uplifting and I wish to share them with everyone. These pages are intended to introduce you to this wonderful person and her work.

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To obtain these prints, go to
You may purchase these and others for a nominal cost.

The first reaction to these prints is usually, "I must have them."

The 'right click' on these pages has been disabled to prevent saving or copying. Please respect the artist's copy write. 

After getting a set of 9 of the prints depicting Jesus with children and young people, I felt that children must get to know this Jesus. I gave a set to the St. Julie Religious Education program and ordered more. I then gave a set to St. Walter School. 

After seeing the additional prints sent to me by Mauree Cassel, I thought of our Pro-Life and Bereavement Ministries. 

Grandpa Don