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After receiving an email which included some of Jean Keaton's work, the friend who sent it, found a the source. I sent them an email regarding the sketches and received this reply.

Dear Don,

It is not a problem that you use Jean's, (my sister's), artwork on your web page, but we do ask that you include a link to This email you received, has helped us, and has hurt us. We believe the passing of this email has been done by those who want to share something that they have found meaningful with their friends, not to hurt the artist.

We are aware that many have copied and/or printed the drawings. And some have used them to copy and sell for personal profit - without permission. But we have also had several that have enlarged and sharpened the prints until they could read the artists name and searched us out on the web. We are grateful that the email has reached those that find joy in these prints.

Although it is nice for us to sell the prints, I have decided that some good has been forwarded with these drawings when they have had such an impact that many feel they must share them. We cannot stop the circulation and/or totally protect the copy right, so I would appreciate it very much if you pass it on; please include our web address. At this point I have watched it go clear across the United States, into Canada, and even into Japan. It can only help for you to pass it on with our website included.


Mauree Cassel

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Keaton Prints

A friend directed my attention to the beautiful pencil sketches of Jean Keaton. They are spiritually uplifting and I wish to share them with everyone. These pages are intended to introduce you to this wonderful person and her work.

Grandpa Don

Graphic used with permission.
Jean Keaton

First Contact

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