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After looking at the above, I was prompted to ask if there was a Pro-Life theme here. This is the answer:

Hi Don,

No, you are not mistaken.  The truth is that you couldn't make a mistake as to what you read in these drawings.  That is what makes them so special.  Jean very much believes in 'pro-life', but is not marketing them as such.  We allow everyone to read what they want into them.  We have made a conscious decision to allow the prints speak of the love of Christ and for Christ, and let each heart do the rest.  For example:  The Snuggling Infant is the most popular print.  It has touched those that have had infants pass away, or had miscarriages, or have placed babies for adoption, or have been abused as a child themselves, or have had babies abducted, or just felt very close to God through the process of childbirth.  We have been very careful not to put a label on any of the drawings that does not allow someone to let their heart speak to them.  It has been very surprising that there have been a few that feel it necessary to find out what religious denomination Jean belongs to, or if she supports pro-life or pro-choice before they decide if they like the art.  But for the most part it has been very enjoyable and fulfilling to get to know those, like yourself, that email me.

The true stories of these drawings are as follows:

This particular drawing is a friend of Jean's who had her baby die shortly after birth.     

The drawing of Jesus holding the baby and hugging the young woman, was drawn for a teenage girl in our neighborhood who placed a baby for adoption.  

The little twins is a commissioned drawing of two little babies that had a difficult time coming into the world, and struggled for quite some time to live.

As far as titles - We are deciding exactly what to do.  We are adding them to our new webpage.  I had a lady that offered to make a webpage for me design a new one, and it looks really nice.  I have it loaded on my computer to make some changes and then I will load it onto the website.  I have to admit I am just so dumb when it comes to this stuff that it is taking forever to learn as I go.  I have no idea what I am doing!  We plan on putting all the stories and drawings that you have seen, and even more.  We are hoping to have enough money to do the printings we need to get this going.  Money is pretty tight, so it has been difficult to keep stock on hand.  So, please be patient with us while we muddle though.  ...

Thanks again,


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A friend directed my attention to the beautiful pencil sketches of Jean Keaton. They are spiritually uplifting and I wish to share them with everyone. These pages are intended to introduce you to this wonderful person and her work.

Grandpa Don

Graphic used with permission.
Jean Keaton

A meaning for everyone  

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