A little different

Mauree had asked if i wanted to see some prints that will be added to their web sit soon. Of course I did! This was the first of that group. 

This particular set is a little different than all the other prints.  This set of prints are the 'Faith, Hope, & Charity' series. 

These prints are actually 5 1/2 x 4 greeting cards that come with envelopes, (there is no message printed inside).  We usually sell them in a set of six, but they can be purchased separately.   The price for the cards is $6.95 a set, or $1.20 each.  They are not only a great way to send an inspirational message, but they are suitable for matting and framing.


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To obtain these prints, go to
Contact them by email for pricing.

Keaton Prints

A friend directed my attention to the beautiful pencil sketches of Jean Keaton. They are spiritually uplifting and I wish to share them with everyone. These pages are intended to introduce you to this wonderful person and her work.

Grandpa Don

Graphic used with permission.
Jean Keaton

A little different

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