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Mary, the
"Mother of God"
 to a Priest
God's Gifts Saints Why did Thomas Doubt?
God's Gifts -
 the Children
The Immaculate Conception Going to Church 
Can Be Dangerous
Let's Pretend Why Pray?
Becoming a Christian What Comes First? Resurrection Fear of the Unknown Good and Evil
Bereavement Reflection Jesus and Animals The Rosary We Can Do 
What We Can
Time to Pray for the Dead
Faith ... How to Expand It Ode to Joy  A Wake Up Call  I know how they feel Withholding Donations
Problems vs.
The Growth of a Conscience  Gifts Rejected A Spirit Filled Morning Attendance, or
Terrorist Attack Is There a God?
The Invitation
Living the Faith Nature's 
"Free Will"

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.God's Gifts

When God found that I share His gifts.
He gave me more.

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