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Part 5 The Faithful Revolution: Vatican II

This part of the Video series presented on 12/3/01 was titled The Dynamics of Hope. It covered the subject of Liberation Theology which for many became associated with communism. Some of the clergy in South and Central America were seen as anti- establishment because of their support of the poor to the extent of excluding the non-poor from their ministry. In another case a French Bishop, Gaillot, was assigned to administer to a dioceses that had long since ceased to exist because of his extreme views and activities. These bishops were following what they perceived as the mandates of Vatican II. There is resistance to this much change.

As in any change, there is a swing of the pendulum. It is apt to go too far in each direction. The Curia, under John Paul II has regained some of its power. Not that the Pope is anti-Vatican II, but because he is not primarily an administrator. He has left that to the Curia while he attends to pastoral matters. John Paul has made tremendous efforts to reconcile the Church with other faiths and the world in general. In that way he has followed the intent of the council faithfully. 

It will probably take a century or more for the Church to adjust to the council. But change is here and the genii is out of the bottle. The Holy Spirit will see us through. (Also see my "Revelation")


My Church

This is not so much about St. Julie Billiart parish, but about the NEW Catholic Church. It may not seem new to my children and definitely not new to my grandchildren but it is no longer the same church that I grew up in and did not understand during that time. It is new and dedicated to Jesus as a result of the Vatican II council of bishops.

Part 5
The Faithful Revolution:
Vatican II

The World of Grandpa Don 

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