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In the Spring of 1999 the St. Julie Bible Study groups subject was Revelation. Near the end of this study our moderator asked us to write a contemporary story of church using the style of Revelation. This is my story. 

A Revelation 

As I was meditating while reclining on my patio, I thanked God for the Beauty of the day and the Gifts of my life. The warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze soon lulled me into a deep sleep. 

In my sleep, a messenger in glowing robes took me by the hand and raised me up through the clouds. A voice said to me: “There are things about My Church that no longer please Me! Write down what I show you and report what you see and hear!” 

I found myself in a room with a low, wood beamed ceiling, plain walls and a wood floor. There was a rough wooden table around which nine men had gathered. There was a knock and three more men entered through an unlocked door. 

After warm greetings were exchanged and a prayer of thanks was said, they began to argue quietly about what was necessary for a person to be a follower of Jesus. One of the men, who was otherwise indistinguishable in dress, seemed to moderate the discussion. After a time there was a glow in the room and flame-like wisps gently descended on each of the men. They did not seem to notice these things. Their discussion turned to common agreement and the one who moderated the group said, “Through the Grace of God, we agree that the Love and Message of Jesus is paramount. Cultural practices are secondary and if they do not conflict with the teaching of the Master, they are to be permitted.” 

As he said a blessing, the ceiling became transparent to me. Above it, were two man-like beings in glorious robes and a pure white dove. One of the beings had a beard. The other held a staff. The bearded one, speaking to the other two, said, “You have taught and guided them well. I am pleased.” The other two said, “Yes, we also are pleased.” And then there were a multitude of Angels and Saints, all singing and glorifying God.  

 Then came a time of darkness and afterward I found myself in a grand room with a golden dome. There were beautiful paintings on the walls and glorious designs on the marble floor. A man in a beautiful golden robe and holding a golden staff sat on a golden throne. Seated before him were several men in red robes. There was a beautifully carved door. It was locked and someone could be heard knocking on it. 

One of the men in the red robes, said “The members who are not of the selected want to be heard.” Another in red said, “They want to change our church.” Still another said, “They should realize that only we know how, and in what words, Jesus’ message can be given to the people.” The one dressed in gold said, “Keep the door locked! God has given the right to make decisions only to me and you, my trusted advisors.”    

As he said this, the dome became transparent to me. Above it, were the two man-like beings in glorious robes and the pure white dove. The bearded one, speaking to the other two, said, “What has happened? They started so well. Do you not still guide them as you promised them?” The Dove said, “Yes, I am with each of your children, but their leaders will not listen to them.” The being with the staff said, “The leaders have come to believe that the Spirit is only with them.” Then the bearded on said, “They are reverting to the time of rigid, petty rules that have nothing to do with love and forgiveness. I am saddened.” 

Then there were dark clouds in the distance behind the three beings. I saw lightning flashes and heard thunder rumbling in the distance. A being with two horns and a forked tail appeared through the clouds. He carried a three-pronged staff … and through the sound of thunder I heard him laughing. 

Don Plefka

ã Copyright 1999 
Donald J Plefka 

May be copied only with permission of the author.


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I have written things from time to time and love doing it. While working, it was confined to instructions and procedures. Now I can be a little more creative.

A Revelation   

The World of Grandpa Don 

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