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A Journey Through Life

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A Journey Through Life

A Little History ...

Raised in a Catholic Home, Catholic schools, Alter boy,...

As a young man ... a lot of questions without answers. ...

  • Who is God? ... Is there a God?

  • The Bible ... Can anyone explain all the inconsistencies?

  • The Church ... Jesus didn't make all these rules!

  • It's all a puzzle and I couldn't put it into logical order.

Some College, The Navy, Marriage to Anne, Three Children ...

  • Went to Church ... It was expected of me and the kids should see that.

  • Worked hard... at first two jobs so Anne could stay home with the kids.

  • Advanced ... draftsman, estimator, project manager, vice president, board member.

  • Did "my way", ... all by myself! 

  • BUT when things went wrong ...That is a heavy load to carry.

Hard times ...

  • Anne's diabetes ... and many of the complications.

  • The pressure of the job. 

  • General deterioration of Anne's health ... always tired, always hurting.

The Dawn ...

Anne's Mother died ...

Anne selected the inscription on the Family grave stone when her mother died:

"In Dying ... We Are Born To Eternal Life"

She said, "If we don't believe this, what is there?" It started me thinking.


Our move into St Julie Parish ...

At first, I didn't accept the "spirit" of the parish. It wasn't your traditional parish.
New Music, Liturgies, and attitude. But it grew on me (and Anne). 


Anne's By-Pass Surgery ...

The Doctors asked, "When did you have your heart attack?
I was amazed by her complete trust in God!  Her faith was my support.

After an astounding recovery, she wanted to return something to God and volunteered to teach 7th grade Religious Education (even though she never went to Catholic School). We also joined a Renew Small Group. What do you know, I had a spiritual side!


Back to the Puzzles of Religion ...

Through our deepening involvement at St. Julie and the other factors in my life, I came to know a Truth, and then I came across these words:

And if you would know God
be not therefore a solver of riddles.
Rather, look about you
and you shall see Him playing with your children.
And look into space;
you shall see Him in the cloud,
outstretching His arms in the lightning
and descending in the rain.
You shall see Him smiling in flowers,
then rising and waving His hands in trees.

Kahlil Gibran
(From "The Prophet")

I also saw Him in many of the people around me. There were many at St Julie parish but there were others who were with me all the time that I just hadn't recognized.

Oh, ... I don't have the answers to my puzzles. 
I now know that I am a spiritual being, spending a time in human form,
... and there will come a time when I will either know the answers, 
... or, I will realize that they were never the right questions.

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The present ...

After 45 years of our marriage, which was a beautiful gift from God, Anne has been born to Eternal Life. This was 14 years after her heart surgery.  Anne and I often thanked God for these years. I also thank Him for His many other gifts. ...

  • His guidance ... during the years I didn't know I needed it.

  • The many little miracles in our lives. ... I was married to Anne because I had an extra postcard in San Juan  ... I became a vice president by oversleeping. etc, ...

  • Our three children

  • Their great spouses who are also "our children".

  • Our nine grandchildren ... Our Legacy. 

  • St. Julie Parish and the people that make it what it is.

  • My friends and relatives.

  • My Parents, ... the unknown and then found two that gave life to me, ... and the two who nurtured that life.

  • Anne's parents, ... who were as my own.

  • And all the material gifts that He has provided and entrusted to my care. 

  • I am without Anne ... but, ... I am not alone.

  • The discovery of my natural mother - her other children - my brothers and their families.

  • The discovery of my natural father - his other children, my brother, sisters, and their families.

 "A quelle est bon le bon Dieu." 
"How good is the good God."

(St. Julie Billiart)

Thank you, God.


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