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There is a new lady in my life.
This comes with deep apologies to my wife.
Anne has been gone more than eight years,
Her ire in replacement was one of my fears. 

But my new lady, a surrogate is not
A rival she could never be, though I love her a lot,
For I am sure my Anne shares my love,
With this new beauty, the little lady from above. 

My new lady is Bella, Yes beautiful to behold,
And she smiles with glee when she I hold.
A great-granddaughter is Bella, as sweet as can be,
You see she doesn’t really belong to me.

Bella & Great-Grandpa 

Her mother rocks her in the great rocking chair
That Anne once rocked her grandchildren fair.
My hope is that our Bella in some fair day
Will rock a child, her own, at a time not far away. 

And so I have a new lady here in my life
New and innocent not burdened with strife.
She is life’s assurance of wonders to come,
An answer to the question, of whence are we from. 

Yes Bella is beautiful, a joy to behold
She is promise of the future, it is coming, I am told.
Unspoiled and new, with so much to add
To this our world, to make it so glad. 

My life is brighter for Bella being here
Our part is done, let’s give it a cheer.
I have served as a conduit of some of her genes
Who knows how many have served on those teams. 

I have seen some wondrous events,
New technology, new knowledge, in my time that went.
Fast, too fast, my life has transpired
As generations were added, one, then two and then higher.

But I can only dream of wonders you, Bella, shall see,
The glories and mysteries of progress to be.
And, my Bella I know that you will share
The talents and abilities God put in your care. 

Yes, new and innocent not burdened with strife.
You will grow in wisdom taking control of your life.
I pray you will make our God your good friend
For He will guide ‘till reaching the end. 

And know that we love you and hold you so dear
We will watch and protect you, suffer no fear.
For that is the reason that God put us here,
To love and protect our Bella so dear.


With Love from Great Grandpa
Don Plefka – February 2, 2009


© Grandpa Don Plefka
Orland Park, Il
February 02, 2009

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© Grandpa Don Plefka
Orland Park, Il
February 02, 2009

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