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We’ve been touched by many
In nameless and various ways.
We’ve been touched by people
Many times in forgotten days.

Our lives are influenced
In authority, a weighty hand,
But at other times and other places
Wee touches, gentle and bland.

Schooled by teachers,
Drilled in our lessons,
Guided by mentors,
In unscheduled sessions.

Words from the pulpit
Have influenced our life,
As well as from strange places,
Yes, even in strife.

Family and friends all in good faith,
Have joined hands to guide us.
And actions and words of souls far away,
Filter through space to eventually find us.

Strangers we pass
As we go on our way,
greet or ignore,
Effecting our day.

Thus life bright or dull,
our days made worth,
By the touches of others
We meet on this earth.

And so, as we receive,
The touches of others,
We too touch them,
Our sisters and brothers.

It is our duty,
And privilege by far,
By our touch to leave warm feelings
But never a scar.


© Grandpa Don Plefka
Orland Park, Il
March 14, 2009

Always - Strive to be more kind than we need to be.


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© Grandpa Don Plefka
Orland Park, Il
March 14, 2009

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