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The Love of My Life

Lady Anne
by Don Plefka


Anne Lawler

She was the friend of a girl known from school,
One who met us on the way from class.
But I was drawn to her by reasons unknown,
There was something special about this lass

She was someone with whom I could talk.
I was much too shy to be with a girl alone.
But that is where we found our selves,
Alone on the steps of her home.

I found I liked to be with her
and found reasons to make it so.
The more time we were together,
The more I wanted to be her beau.

Friendship went to dating,
During our high school years.
Still shy with most others,
With Anne there were no fears.

It was during those times,
I earnestly confessed to her -
Someday in my future.
I would marry - - someone like her. 

There were school plays and outings,
With dances and proms, life was a delight.
Happy days were these all
My future seemed full and bright.

Then I started college
My feelings deepened to love
But Anne was restless and unsure
For her - no message from above.

I called to make a date
Alas, there were excuses, am I no longer bless’d?
My question, “Do you wish to be rid of me?”
Was politely answered, “Yes.”

Yes I was dumped, and dumped I felt,
But bravely went my way.
Well, maybe it wasn’t to be Anne
But I will marry - someone like her - some day.

Years past and in college I floundered.
I worked for a while and then joined the Navy
There were others I dated - but always the question
Was this one like Anne? - No - maybe?  

They didn’t pass muster
Didn’t measure up - in any way.
I am afraid I broke some hearts
But found none - like Anne to marry - some day?

And then one day in sunny San Juan
I sent home some postcards –one was unsent.
To whom shall I send it, it should not be wasted.
Still available? It asked - and to Anne it went.

Her mother took pity
He must be lonely – poor guy.
So Anne replied with a letter
My soul flew to the sky.

We wrote back and fourth
And cookies she mailed.
When home on leave
dates with friends never failed.

I told her that - a ring I would buy
She told me no - but described what would please.
And so it was purchased and one day was given
It was lovingly accepted - displayed with ease.

Anne made the arrangements – I was at sea
The church and the hall were booked - I was away
After my duty of four years at sea,
30 July in ’55 - it was Anne – my Anne - I married that day.

At last the day had come - Someday was here,
The one who was perfect became my dear wife.
Anne ever had been and ever will be,
Lady Anne - The Love of my life.


Don Plefka – May 12, 2009

I have come to realize that a great miracle in my life is that my marriage of 45 years was the result of having an extra postcard while our ship was visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico in May of 1952. It was one of many miracles. For a more detailed version of this part of our story see The Lady of My Life. This tells only of the start of our life together - an adventure, greater than that, an Odyssey with many ports of call, peaceful seas and violent storms. Anne Marie Lawler holds many titles. Love of my Life was only the first  She became the Lady of my Life and she knew she was on a pedestal and sometimes gloried in it but at other times loathed that position because it placed her beyond reach, isolated from me when she needed to be down at the ground in my arms. But I had placed her above me and at times I did not make the effort to reach her. That was my greatest failure. But she was always a Lady in the most noble sense of the term. Mayhap I should someday write of this.

Anne was my navigator on our journey, always keeping our ship on course. She was Mother to our children, lover and confidant to me, friend to everyone who knew her. I am a much better person due to just being with her. Thank you God.

© Grandpa Don Plefka
Orland Park, Il
May 12, 2009



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The Love of My Life

© Grandpa Don Plefka
Orland Park, Il
May 12, 2009

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