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Looking Into the Future

Where does it start?
Right here and right now.
What will it be?
Whatever love deems to allow.

Where will we go,
And what will we see?
Wherever the winds blow
On our great Odyssey.

To invite God to go with us
Will provide a safe guide.
For with His assistance
Strife and disaster shan’t abide.

And if God should demand
Our love for Him be first,
We know He returns it ten fold
To give to each other … no one shall thirst.

For we on our journey,
Are to each other.
Princess and prince,
Each crowned of the other.

Each to be respected no matter what,
Firmly on pedestals as tied with a suture.
And we in our love shall grow.
As together we go, without fear of the future

Dedicated to Anthony and Joelle
Grandpa Don Plefka
14 February 2012

© Grandpa Don Plefka
Orland Park, Il
February 14, 2012

The basis for the poem ...

The photo was taken on yhe patio of the winery at which their wedding reception would be held in August of 2012. My daughter posted it on Facebook and when I saw it, I saw an engaged couple looking into the future. This inspired the poem.




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Looking Into the Future

© Grandpa Don Plefka
Orland Park, Il
February 14, 2012

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