The World of Grandpa Don


The Snow Directors

It was rapidly descending,
That white and bothersome snow fall.
Too much had come this winter,
That was a fact avowed by all.

I saw them come out of their homes,
A trickle, one, two, ... a third,
Then more and more joined the fray,
Protesting ... and bound to be heard.

Coats and gloves left behind,
Some in slippers or feet still bare.
The cold was forgotten,
No hats ... for their blowing hair.

They stood facing the East
Bare handed - reaching back,
Flailing the powder back into the sky,
Redirecting it eastward - all joining the attack

Their voices came softly at the start,
And then ... could it be penchant,
Cleveland ... Cleveland ...
It swelled to a great loud chant.

Some women brought bedding,
The neighbors recruited here and there,
Two to a pillow case, four to a sheet,
The snow was caught and flipped back in the air.

Cleveland ... Cleveland...
The voices resounded fair,
We've had quite enough,
Send it all there.

It was a marvelous display,
bedding of many colors acclaimed,
As the chorus resounded again and again,,
Cleveland ... Cleveland ... everyone exclaimed.

The sound reverberate,
The fury arose from all Chicago-land.
Amid voices galore - a swirling of white -
sending the snow east to Cleveland ... to Cleveland

In time it was over.
At least here in our hive,
But in Cleveland ... in Cleveland ...
Redirected, it thrived.

The people faded back to their homes,
Did it happen as reported? or say,
Has the unfettered mind gone awry?
Cleveland ... Cleveland ... the snow to stay.

But this I know and avow,
The story is as true as the clock ticks.
For, ... in inches - we had five,
In Cleveland - it was six.

Grandpa Don Plefka
Orland Park, Il
February 27, 2008