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Genesis Revisited

Donald J Plefka

Chapter One 

  1. Before the beginning, there was God. 

  2. God said, “Let there be an energy”. And energy was created. It was formless and it waited for direction from God. And it was good. 

  3. And God said, “Let there be a sequence to things so that events may occur in an orderly fashion first one, then the next”. And time was created. And it was good. 

  4. Then God said, “Let energy give birth to matter.” And mater was born from energy and in time it began to populate the nothingness according to the laws set forth by God in God's mind. And it was good.

  5. Then God said, “Let the matter form into galaxies and stars and planets and every manor of celestial object”. And as time progressed, the universe was formed and continues to be formed. And it was good. 

  6. And God said, “Let there be special places in the universe to serve as a womb of life”. And in time, the elements of matter formed together to provide a suitable place for the growth of life. And it was good. 

  7. Then God said, “Let there be life born of matter and let this life be self perpetuating”. And the elements of matter were joined to form living organisms, which grew and adapted to the conditions in which they existed. And it was good. 

  8. And God said, “Let organisms grow into complex life forms of every kind, vegetable and animal. And give the animals instincts to govern their actions. And let them adapt to their environment and learn from their experience, passing on this information from generation to generation.” And so it was. And it was good. 

  9. And God said, “Let there be a being, born from the energy, born from the matter, born from the organisms, born from My Creation, a being destined to live with Me in eternity and a being who will have the free will to be My partner in the continuation of Creation.” And, a race of beings that had free will and the capability of love and compassion were created from their predecessors. And it was good.  

Chapter Two 

  1. In time, individuals of this new race of beings began to realize that they could better survive by cooperating with each other. They reasoned that other animals did the same by instinct, but the race of mankind could plan their actions and communicate with each other. They found that seasons repeated and there were periods of wet and dry, wind and calm, warm and cold. With preparation in the good times they could get through the lean times. They found that they could make tools and shelters and eventually they could even cultivate certain plants for their food. Protective clothing could be fashioned from animal skins and plants. All the necessities of life had been provided for them. Some had a talent for making tools, some for tending crops, some for hunting and some for making shelters. With the sharing of abilities all could prosper. 

  2. God said, “Let me make myself known to mankind”, and from the deep recesses of their awareness, mankind came to realize that their world and indeed, they themselves, must have a beginning, as everything does. And they came to know that there was a Creator, a God who caused the beginning. They praised God and were grateful to God. There was an inner knowledge, a knowing, a oneness with God and his creation. Humankind was a part of this and there was a oneness among them. They lived at a high level of awareness with God and each other. 

  3. But some became obsessed with greed and refused to share with others. They expelled the weaker ones from their community and these wandered far and the survivors set up communities of their own. Even within a community, the strong began to dominate the weak and the weak, in turn, took what they could from the strong in order to survive. Evil was born in mankind. And Mankind, in the abandonment of love and sharing, cut itself off from the oneness with God and nature. Laws and punishment were established in the name of justice but did not address the loss of love and sharing. Mankind slipped to a low level of awareness of God and each other. 

  4. From time to time prophets arose. They were selfless people who sought to be one with God and in their selflessness tried to bring their brothers out of their evil ways. The prophets lived at a higher level of awareness. And in their greed and pride, mankind rejected the prophets and killed them.

And as time continues, the story continues …

But it can change ...



It may not have happened this way. These are probably not the factual events. However the truth of this story, and the truth of the biblical version of the story are the same: 

  • God created the cosmos and the earth. 

  • He created all living things including mankind. 

  • He created everything as good. 

  • Mankind lived in an “Eden”, a high level of awareness with God and each other. 

  • Mankind, in his greed, rejected God’s plan and was cut off from this state of being, ... “Eden”.

We can return to Eden. To do so, each one of us needs to become selfless, rejecting self-pride and greed. In doing so, we can raise ourselves to a higher level of awareness, a oneness with God, a oneness with our fellow humans and a oneness with all creation. Just as greed and pride are contagious, so is this higher level of awareness.

There is only one place in the Bible that Jesus speaks of how we will be judged. That is in Mathew 25:31-46. He tells us we will be judged on how we treat others, how we share the creation that God has entrusted to us. 

God created us to succeed. But, …

  • We do not succeed by striving to be better than someone else and push him down in the process.
    We succeed by using our talents to the best of our ability for the common good.

  • We do not succeed by accumulating more than someone else and depriving him by doing so.
    We succeed by using what we have for the benefit of all. 

  • We do not succeed by 'using' others for our gain (or pleasure).
    We succeed by helping others and in doing so, we raise us all to higher levels. By improving our neighbors, we improve ourselves.



The Holy Bible; Geneses, Mathew 25: 31-46

Power and Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior 
By David R Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. 
(For the concept of “Levels of Awareness”) 

Rev. Richard Homa, 
(for bringing to me the concept of  Fact verses Truth.)

Seventy plus years of questioning and doubting. Then realizing the questions were not the right ones. ... We do not think as God thinks.


ã Copyright March 17, 2002 
Donald J Plefka

May be copied only with permission of the author.

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