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Neuschwannstein, King Ludwig's Castle in Bavaria


This, being a crusade, is Christian in nature and intent. Those who do not wish to adhere to the spirit of the Prayer of the Crusade will not wish to be a crusader for this cause. However, since the crusade is based in Christian values I would hope that any Christian would want to participate.

Non-Christians will not be turned away as members as the only prerequisite for membership is a belief in Christian ideals and morality. Many people of other faiths, and even of no faith, do accept these same ideals. As the Knight Commander of this crusade I advocate nothing that is not Good, True, and Beautiful or that which is not pleasing to God and not in spiritual union with Charity and Patience.

Members may be male or female (Remember St Joan of Arc)

Members may be of any age capable and permitted to use the internet.

Since the internet is international, all nationalities are accepted.

No one will be rejected due to race, creed, or physical ability.

No roster of members will be kept.

Term of service is at the pleasure of each member.

St Isidore is invoked by this crusade as the Patron Saint of the Internet. Crusaders are also invited to become members of the Order of St Isidore of Seville but membership in that group is neither a prerequisite nor condition of participation as a crusader in this cause.

Revised 24 August 2009


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