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Family Saints

In researching our Royal Lines we discovered eight recognized Saints.

Of course we can assume that there are both saints and sinners, many more of the latter, both recognized and unrecognized in all families.

 This is as much of the story as we know.


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Our Recognized Family Saints


  • Saint Arnulf De Metz (b 13 Aug 582 AD) Heristal, Liege, Belgium Arnulf of Metz  - Our 42nd great grandfather.

  • Saint Doda (b 586 AD) Wife of Arnulf - See Doda - Our 42nd great grandmother.

  • Saint Itta (592-652) See Itta Mother of St Begga - A 42nd great grandmother - She was mother of 3 saints, a son & two daughters.

  • Saint Begga (615AD - 17 Dec 693 AD) A daughter if Itta - St Begga - our 41st great grandmother. 

  • St. Olga of Kiev ( 915-11 Jul. 969) - See Olga -our 33rd great grandmother.

  • Saint Vladimir I (961- 15 Jul 1015) Son of St. Olga, See Vladimir ,our 31st great grandfather.

  • Saint Margaret of Scotland (08 Sep 1045 - 16 Nov 1093) See Margaret , Our 29th great grandmother.

  • Louis IX St. Louis de France (25 Apr 1214 - 25 Aug 1270) See St Louis Our 23rd great grandfather.


 In 2011 my sister Marilyn created a Triptych dedicated to St. Begga proclaiming her to be "Our Own Family Saint"

I am prompted to add to that our own Litany of Saints:

Ancestor Saints we ask you to remember your descendants and pray for us to God:
Saint Arnulf De Metz, Pray for us,
St. Doda, Pray for us,
St. Itta, Pray for us,
St. Begga, Pray for us,
St. Olga of Kiev, Pray for us,
St. Vladimir, Pray for us,
St. Margaret of Scotland, Pray for us,
St. Louis of France, Pray for us,
May we, through your intersession, gain favor and grace with God and be drawn ever close to Him,
In the name of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,


Grandpa Don Plefka
aka Harry Ronald Cecora
March 07, 2016

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