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The Marx Family

 My youngest son, Tom, Married Diane Marx. Her Father, William Robert Marx, and Mother, Marylyn A Jorden, are ancestors to my son's children and so, even though Tom & Diane are divorced, her parents are grandparents to the children and so are "Family" 

This is the story as we know it.

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 My youngest son, Thomas J Plefka married Diane Lynn Marx , Daughter of William Robert (Chico) Marx and Marylyn A Jordan. Although Tom & Dianne are divorced, Chico & Marilyn are the grandparents of my grandchildren of the marriage and so we have this page.

Chico, as William is known by friends and relatives alike, has roots in Germany, France and Ireland with ancestors who generally immigrated to America after 1800.

Marilyn appears to have roots in England and Ireland with some ancestors living for a while in Canada. Their arrival in the US is generally in the late 1800's.

See Ancestors of Chico Marx.

See Ancestors of Marilyn Jorden

Grandpa Don Plefka
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Nov 17, 2015

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