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The Buchler Family

 My oldest son, Dan, Married Karen Buchler. Her Father, Theodore F, and Mother, Marilyn J. Harvey, are ancestors to my son's children, Etc. 

This is the story as we know it.

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 My eldest son, Daniel J Plefka married Karen Ann Buchler , Daughter of Theodore (Ted) F Buchler and Marilyn J Harvey.   Ted is of recent Austrian decent but nothing is known of his European ancestors. Marilyn is of mostly English decent with a long American history. One branch extends from an ancestor born in 1629 in the Netherlands. Another was William Mills Jr. (1718-1801) a Captain in the Revolutionary War who served for 3 years. His ancestor, Samuel (1619-1694) had arrived at Massachusetts Colony in 1640 probably from Lancashire, England. This branch includes several who emigrated from England to early Massachusetts colonies. It is interesting to note that one of Marilyn's ancestors, Deliverance Trowbridge (1679-1723) was the (step) 7th great aunt of Donald Plefka.

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Nov 16, 2015

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