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 My Granddaughter, Kelsey Plefka, partnered with Erik Martin Gutekunst.

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The parents of Erik Martin Gutekunst are Ralph Bernard Gutekunst, born in Cook County, Illinois on 27 May 1931; and  Carol Ann Cox, born in Chicago 12 Feb 1937. Erick has a twin sister, Tracy who married Allen Roth. The couple has two sons; Andrew and Tyler.

Ralph's parents were; Karl Friedrich Gutekunst born 02 Feb 1896 at Burch en brun, Germany and Mathilde Emilie Mack born 10 Nov 1897 presumably also in Germany.

Carol's parents were Oren Leonard Cox II, born 25 Jul 1909 in Oak Park, Illinois and Marian Catherine Cox born 30 Apr 1918 at Newark, Essex, New Jersey. There is no evidence of a relationship of the two "Cox" families. The parents of Marion Catherin were James Peter Cox and Bridget Martin. Bridget was the daughter of James Martin born about 1850 at Doon, Araglen, Tipperary, Ireland. Unfortunately we only know that his father was also named James Martin and there are several men of that name born in Ireland at that time. Without knowing which line to follow we were not able to trace that line any further.

We found that Erik's 5th great grandfather, Johan Philip Olinger who was born at Eschweiler, Zweibrucken, Germany on 06 Sep 1721 came to America sometime before 1754. Did he participate in the American Revolution? We do not know. We were able to trace his line of ancestors back to Erik"s 8th great grandfather, Hanns Jacob Olinger born at Germany/Luxenburg in 1645. Another branch of that line extends to Cornelius Engelman born in Germany in 1630. Branches of this line have origins in Switzerland, such as Erik's 11th great grandfather,  Rudolf Hurtzeler born at Zofingen, Aargau,, Switzerland in 1665.


Oren Cox's family extends to Erick's 7th great grandfather, John Cox I who was born 24 Sep 1676 at Dayton, Berkshire, England and migrated to the British American Colonies having died in Chester County, Pennsylvania, This line of the Cox family extends to Sir Thomas Cook Cox who was born in 1422  and includes, Capt. William "King of Arrowhattoncks" Cox and Bishop John William Cox as well as "Sir Bishop of Ely" Richard Cox.

Catherin Cox's family extends to William Coxe, Erick's 15th great grandfather, born in 1550 in England. Along the way we find:

Charles Cix: Birth: 1721 Death: 1799 He married in 1740.
He settled at Cox, Virginia on Turkey Pen Branch and Smith River nearby in Henry County, VA. in 1769. A Land Grant was issued in 1781 by Thomas Jefferson to Capt. Charles Cox the Second, who served. English Pioneers - Coat of Arms: Two Game Cocks. Motto: Prodesse Quam Conspici.

There is a marker placed in 1962 by Thos. J. Cox in the old Cox Cemetery that lists names and dates for Charles and Ida Bennett Cox; Capt. Charles and Eleanor Watts Cox; Charles and Frances Kelley Cox; and William and Nancy Gilley Cox. He served in the Indian Wars under Gen. George Washington. A long range hunter, he went with Major John Redd and others to Southwest VA. on a hunting and exploring party in the year 1769. He returned to Henry County, VA. in the spring of 1770.

(Source: The History of Pittsylvania County, VA. by Maud Carter Clement).

The marker indicates Capt. Charles Cox II date of death as 1816; Henry County, VA.
Personal Property Tax shows Eleanor Cox charged after 1798. She inherited her husbands' property in 1799 following his death.
Anne Vestal Miller indicates that some of the death dates are incorrect on the monument. (?)

Family links:
Charles Cox (1690 - 1790)
Ida Bennett Cox (1692 - 1786)

Eleanor Watts Cox (1722 - 1810)*

Charles Cox (1755 - 1850)*

*Calculated relationship
Burial: Cox Cemetery Henry County Virginia, USA

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We also found:

Thomas Coxe, Immigrant
His forbears having resisted the authority of the English King, their lands were confiscated. Settled at Jamestown about 1614; owned a fine estate on the James river; reared ten sons.
Welsh ancestry

We also found Erick's 7th great grandfather of the Oren Leonard Cox line, Robert Williams, (1647-1743) who was born at Marion, Pembrokeshire, Wales and migrated to Goshen Terrace, Chester County, Pennsylvania. We trace this line back to Erick's 19th great grandfather born in  1260 and the families' Welsh Royalty. Several "Lord's" preceded him including Maredudd ap Bleddyn Prince of Powys, born in 1047. This line of ancestors is traced back to Eric's 37th great grandfather, Gwineu Ap Bywyr (670 AD-704 AD) of Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales.

But this is not all. From this same Welch line are several branches and among them we find:
(GGF , Great Grandfather; GGM, Great Grandmother; GGP, Great Grandparents of Erick)                                     

 39th GGF Lago King of Gwynedd ab idwal ap Meurn

38th GGP Rhanullt Princes of Dubin O Olaf and King Owain Ap Edwin

30th GGP King Owain Meiyler Ap Hywel of Pawer and Quen Nest Verch Rhodri Mawr

29th ggp King Ynyr ap Gufnwal of Owemt and Quene Joyce deBaladon St Madron of Gwent

28th GGM Queen M orfydd Verch Vnyr of Powys

30th ggf Anaawd Prince of Wales, Ap Rhodn Mawr and Hywell Prince of Wales Ap Cadell

27th ggf Cynfyn King of Powya Ap Gwgrystan and Cynfyn King of Poways Ap Gwerystan

30th ggf King of Gwent Ynyr

31st ggf Gwerystan King of Powys Ap Gwaithfoed

30th ggf King of Gwent Ynyr

27th ggm Angharad Queen of Powys Verch Maredydd and Auloed Olaf King of Dublin & Denmark Sihtricson

28th ggp Siritic "Silken Beard" King of Doublin Olafson and Stani Queen of Doublin Ingen OBrien

29th ggp Brian Boru, King of Ireland Mac Cenntig and Gomflaeth Ingen Murchada, Queen of Ireland McFinn

30th ggf King Pwain Meilyr Ap Hywef of Pywys

30th ggm Queen Nest Verch Rhodin Mawr

31st ggp Rhodin "Mawr" King of the Welch Ap Merfyn and Angharad, Queen of Wales Verch Meung

32nd ggf Merfyn "Frych" King of Paways Ap Gwriad

33rd ggf Gwraid Ap Elidyr King of the Isle of Man, Prince of Deheubarth

34th ggf Elidir Ap Sandde, King of the Isle of Man

30ggf Anarawd Prince of Wales Ap Rhodin "Mawr"

31th ggf Meiric II Gwentland King Ap Tnyr

32st ggf Cadell Ap Rhodin King of South Wales

33rd ggf Rhodin Mawr great King of the Welsh Ap Merfyn tm

35th ggf Sandde Ap Alcwn King of Ynya Manaw (Isle of Man).

35th ggf Clydog Anthlwys King of Caredigion

36th ggf Anthlwys Arthfoddw King of Caredigion

42nd ggf Elidir Lydanwyn Ap Meirchion Gul King os South Rhened

41st ggf Usai King of Caredigion Ap Ceredig

43ggf Meirchion Gut Ap Gwrwst Lediwen King of Rheged

44th ggf Gwrwst Ledlwn Ap Cenue King of Rheged

45th ggf Cenue Ap Cosi Hen Saint Cenau King of South Britan & Nidland England

44th ggf Tewrig Ap Tudwal of Garthmadun King of Garth Madyn

43rd ggf Tudwal Ap Gwifawr King of Dummnonia

Our research ends with Erick's 48th great grandfather Cole Hen II Godeborg Caeilus Votepacus Ap Guotepacus Ap Guetepauc who was born in 350 AD at Gwr Y Gagiadd seat at Carlisle and died in 420 AD by drowning at Tarbolton Ayrshire Scotland.

Note that our research is in conflict with some family members who do not believe that there is Welsh ancestry in the family. We are unaware of the reason for this claim. We welcome Erick and his rich royal Welsh heritage as well as his German and Irish heritage to this huge and diverse family.

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