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Mikey - My Dog


When Anne decided she was ready for another dog, she went to the internet to find the perfect breed for us. It had to be small, but not too small. It could not shed. It could not cause allergic reactions. It  must be good with children. It must be lovable!

Mikey is a "Bichon Frise" which means "curly lap dog". I wanted to name him Phydaux* but Anne selected "Mikey". He was Anne's dog. When Anne died, he slept at he door to the attached garage for two weeks waiting for her to come home. He then become my buddy.

He and I have a relationship similar to that of C. S. Lewis and his dog. In the words of Lewis, "Its not so much that he obeys me, but sometimes he agrees with what I want." We have developed a bond and he communicates well using the expressions in his eyes and his mannerisms. He understands me too well sometimes. 

The trouble started before 2013 and gradually got worse. He was loosing control. I had to not only replace the carpeting in the living room and dinning room but my kids had to tear up and replace the sub floor. I kept him out of the carpeted areas of the house which apparently he equated with grass. But when the situation got worse in early 2014 He was taken to the vet for the last time. I lost my companion of 14 years. It was not easy. But ... I was glad for those 14 years.

Thank you Anne, for getting him for me.

*Phydaux = Ph = F, ... y = i,...  daux = doe. ... Fido

The Bichion Breed

Gentle mannered, sensitive, playful and affectionate.
 A cheerful attitude is the hallmark of the breed and one should settle for nothing less.

Those are ideal qualities for the dog's master also.