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The Fisher/Clapp
Family Line 

This line of  English ancestors merges with the Palmeroy line in the early 1700's and then the Copeland line one generation later.

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England

Anthony Fisher, born about 1560 at Syleham, Suffolk, England was married to Mary Anne Fiske who was born about 1570 at Weymouth Syleham, Suffolk, England. They were believed to have raised 6 children, at least two of whom immigrated to the American Colonies in New England. Joshuah Fisher married an Elizabeth in England where she died after which he went to Massachusetts. Another son of Anthony and Mary, Anthony (1591-1671) is known to also sailed to Massachusets. The first Anthony and his wife Mary lived their lives out in England.

In America

The first Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1620, the place of the first New England settlement.

Generation 1
Joshua Fisher (1585-1674)

Joshua was born in Syleham, England. He came to America and settled at Dedham, Massachusetts (with his second wife, Anne Luson) in 1639. In 1650 he moved to Medfield. Joshua was a blacksmith. He was made a freeman May 13, 1640; he was the first deacon in the Medfield Church; he was a selectman in 1653 and 1655.

It is believed that his 4 children, Joshua, Elizabeth, Mary, and John were all by his first wife, Elizabeth. There are no other known children.

Joshua died 09 Nov 1674 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA. Anne died in 1677 also at Medfield, Norfolk, MA

Generation 2
Joshua Fisher  (1621-1671) & Mary Aldis

Joshua Fisher was born at Syleham, England, in 1621 and came to America with his father and step-mother in 1639. He married Mary Aldis 15 Nov 1643. Nothing is known to us of her birth or parents.

 In August, 1639 he joined the Dedham Church; in 1640 he became a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company and was its second sergeant in 1648 He was made a freeman May 2, 1649. In 1648-49 he was chosen selectman and held that office for 22 years; he was also a surveyor.

There were 7 children; Mary, Joshua (died as infant), Hannah (died as infant), Abigail, Joshua, John, and Hannah.  Mary Aldis, whos last child, Hannah, was born in January of 1653, died on the 3rd of September of that same year. Joshua died 10 Aug 1672

Generation 3
Mary Fisher & Thomas Clapp

Mary Fischer was born 23 Mar 1644. She married Thomas Clapp on 10 Nov 1662. Thomas was born 15 Mar 1639, the son of Thomas Clapp and Abigail Holbrook. The parents of Thomas were both born in Dorchester, England but were married in 1639 at Plymouth, Massachusetts. The senior Thomas came to America July 24, 1633. He first lived in Dorchester, Massachusetts. After a few years he moved to Weymouth, Massachusetts. He owned land in Hingham (not sure if he ever lived there). He moved to Scituate. He was Deacon of the Church in Scituate in 1647. He was Deputy to the Court in 1649 and overseer of the poor in 1667.

Thomas and Mary resided in the portion of Dedham, Massachusetts which became Walpole. He was a housewright. There were 8 children; Thomas, John, Joshua, Mary, Eliezer, Sammuel, Hannah, and Abigail.

Thomas died in Jan 1691 but the date of Mary's death is unknown to us.

Generation 4
 Sammuel Clapp (1682-1772) & Bethiah Dean (1697-1778)

Sammuel Clapp was born 21 Aug 1682 at Dedham, Massachusetts. In 1709 he married Bethiah Dean, born 07 Jan 1697 to Samuel Dean (1617-1721) and Sarah Robinson (1676-1741) See her pedegree chart below.

There were 8 children born to the couple; Samuel, David, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Abiel, Eleazer and 2 daughters who's names are unknown to us. 

Sammuel died 13 Jun 1772 at Dedham, Massachusetts and Bethiah 07 Jan 1697 at Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts.


Generation 5

Samuel Clapp (1710-1773) and Mary Pomeroy (1710-1754)

Samuel was born on 06 Jun 1710 at Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts.  He married Mary Pomeroy 10 Nov 1733 at Stoughton, Norfolk Co, Ma. Samuel and Mary resided in Norton, Massachusetts. He was a Representative to the General courts in 1733 and he was on the Board of Selectmen in 1732, 1733, 1734 and 1735.

Mary and Samuel had 7 children between 1736 and 1750. Mary died at the age of 44 in 1754. Samuel was 63 when he died in 1773.



 On 29 Nov 1759, the third child of Mary and Samuel Clapp, Elizabeth, married David Copeland, our 4th great grandfather. The line continues via the Copeland family to the present day ... and beyond.  See 4th Generation: David Copeland 1738 - 1779  Also see The Pomeroy Family Line


Additional Family Surnames:

For our ancestors with the surnames Dean, Edson, Orcutt, Robinson, Beech, Pemmiman & Elliot. See the Bethiah Dean pedigree chart. This family line includes several knights with the Family name changing through several spellings and originating with the Viking, Rolo, the first ruler of Normandy an my 33rd great grandfather.


The information on this branch of the family was taken mostly from a number of family trees found at Although care has been taken to include reasonable information it is subject to further verification.


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