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This page was inspired with the finding of a Beecher DNA match in the DNA study.


This is their story as I know it.

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In England

Other family trees list Isaac Beacher and his wife Mary Sperry as being born in Connecticut in 1623 and 1624 respectively but this is unlikely since Connecticut was not settled at that time, only 2-3 years after the Mayflower's arrival at Plymouth. A source places Isaac's arrival in America as 1639 which confirms this error. We can assume that the family came to America with their parents.


The Story of Our Lineage

Generation 1
Issac Beecher & Mary Sperry

Issac Beacher was apparently born in England in 1623 and arrived in America with his parents, John and Hannah in 1639.  There is an inconsistency here in that John's date of death is given as 1637. It seems likely that Issac married Mary Sperry after coming to America since the first of their children, John, was born in 1645.

The family lived in New Haven, Connecticut. The couple had at least 3 additional children, Isaac (1650), Eleazer (1655) and Joseph (1670) Based on the spread of the dates it may be that the births of daughters may be possible but not recorded.

 Mary died in 1677 at the age of 53 and Isaac on 12 Nov 1690  at the age of 67.

Generation 2

John Beecher & Elizabeth Roberts

John Beecher was born 05 Dec 1645 in New Haven. He married Elizabeth Roberts who was born 14 May 1653 in Millford, CT, daughter of  William and Joanna Roberts. They lived at New Haven, CT.

Between 1671 and 1688 they had 9 children; John, Mary, Elizabeth, Joanna, Sarah, Jemima, Joseph, Ebenezer, and Lydia,

John died 05 Dec 1712 at the age of 67 and Elizabeth on 04 Aug 1722 at the age of 69.

Generation 3
Sarah Beecher & Nathan Benham

Sarah Beecher, born in 1679, married Nathan Benham. He had been born on 10 July  1679 at New Haven, CT, the son of John Benham and Mercey Smith.  Nathan's grandfather, John, had immigrated to America in the early 1600's.

Nathan and Sarah lived at New Haven, CT and between 1700 and 1712 raised 5 children; Jemimia, Mercy (or Mary), Sammuel. Lydia, and Sarah.

Sarah died 18 Dec 1712 at the age of 33, probably as a result of child birth.  Nathan died  in June of 1757. He was 77.

Generation 4
Jemima Benham & Joseph Morgan

Jemima Benham, born 21 Sep 1700 married Joseph Morgan. He had been born 27 Apr 1701, the son of Captain John Morgan and Mary Jones. Both sets of his grandparents had immigrated from England. The Family settled in Wallingford, New Haven County, Connecticut.

We are aware of 4 children born between 1730 and 1743; Content, Abraham, David, and Charles.

Jemima died 08 Aug 1752 at the age of 51 and Joseph on 24 May 1764 at the age of 63.

Joseph Morgan was from a long line of Welsh nobility with a recent seafaring history. See Pedigree Chart. His grandfather, William Morgan was the Grandfather of the infamous "BlackBeard" Sir Hennery Morgan making Henery Morgan my 1st cousin 9X removed.


Generation 5

Abraham Morgan & Hannah Luddington

Abraham Morgan was born 09 Sep 1732 at Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut. He married Hannah Luddington who was born 04 Nov 1734 at Wallinford, the daughter of Daniel Luddington and Hannah Payne.

The family resided at Wallingford where at least two children were born; David, on 28 Jan 1756 and Joseph on 19 Dec 1758.

The date of Hannah's death is unknown. The size of the family may be a suggestion that she died soon after the birth of Joseph. Abraham died 09 Dec 1790 at the age of 58.


Generation 6

Joseph Morgan & Eunice Doolittle

To follow the family line of Joseph Morgan and Eunice Doolittle, see Doolittle Family

Charts ...

This chart shows the relationship between myself and Issac Beecher & Mary Sperry ,  my 9th great grandparents. Relationship

This chart shows the ancestors of Abraham Morgan. Ancestors. Included are the surnames Morgan, Hill, Jones, Eaton, Benham, Smith, Bourne, Beacher, Speary, & Roberts.

This chart shows the Ancestors of Hannah Luddington.  Included are families with surnames Luddington, Rose, Nichol, Gearge, Collins, Hutchinson, Morell, Payn, Little, Walker & Palmer.


Morgan Ancestor connections

This line is intricately intertwined with others of our ancestral lines. 

I found Sally Morgan (1795-1886) was the daughter of Eunice Doolittle. Sally's daughter, Delight Dean married Chauncey Butler Doolittle. Eunice was Chauncey's 2nd great aunt and they were all descended from Abraham Doolittle, the patriarch of the Doolittle family in America, my 8th great grandfather. Sally was also a descendent of James Morgan (1607-1704) the Patriarch of our branch of the Morgan family in America and my 8th great grandfather. He had been born at Llandaff, Glamorgan, Wales. 

 Miles Morgan, ancestor to the (J.P.) Morgan family in America, emigrated from Bristol, England to Boston in 1636. He is apparently the brother of my 8th great grandfather, James Morgan, their parents being William Morgan and Elizabeth Winter. (9th great grandparents) and so we share ancestors with John Pierpont "J. P." Morgan (April 17, 1837 March 31, 1913).

According to Wikipedia, The Morgan name is traced to Carmarthen, Wales, and the first known Morgan family ancestral is Hyfaidd ap Bleddri, third son of Bledri of Wales.

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)   
Hyfaidd ap Bleddri (born c.830) was a king of Dyfed in Wales of the High Middle Ages. Triad 68 "Three Kings who Sprang from Villeins" lists Hyfaidd among their number, meaning that his father Bleddri or Bledrig was held to have been a serf rather than a member of Dyfed's old royal family claiming descent from Aed Brosc. An alternate theory relates him to the royal family of Ceredigion. His mother was supposed to be Tangwystl, a daughter of the earlier King Owain. Charles-Edwards argues that Hyfaidd was responsible for consolidating the lands that would later become Deheubarth, annexing Ystrad Tywi and possibly Ceredigion to Dyfed before his death. He was said to have oppressed the clerics of Meneva (modern St. David's) and exiled Bishop Nobis, earning him the enmity of Nobis's kinsman, the historian Asser. Although later Welsh histories made Hywel Dda's inheritance of Dyfed a peaceful affair brought about by his marriage to Hyfaidd's granddaughter Elen and the extinction of Hyfaidd's male line, Asser's more contemporary Life of King Alfred reports that Dyfed or Brycheiniog both fell under such sustained attack from Hywel's uncle Anarawd and father Cadell that Kings Hyfaidd and Elise submitted to King Alfred of Wessex's overlordship in exchange for protection. Hyfaidd's sons Llywarch and Rhodri reigned after him, but the kingdom was soon lost to Cadell's son Hywel who consolidated his realms as Deheubarth.

And so, If my research of our Morgan ancestors is correct, we are related to the American financier J P Morgan and descendants from ancient Welsh Royalty.

And then of course we have ...

Sir Henry Morgan (Harri Morgan in Welsh; ca. 1635 25 August 1688) was a Welsh privateer, pirate and admiral of the English Royal Navy who made a name for himself during activities in the Caribbean, primarily raiding Spanish settlements. He earned a reputation as one of the most notorious and successful privateers in history, and one of the most ruthless among those active along the Spanish Main.


I have not found a family connection to him (yet) but ... he was a Morgan and he was Welsh. When you come to think of it there may have been two pirates in the family, JP and Henry.


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