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 My youngest son, Tom first married Diane Marx and the two had two daughters. They were divorced and several years later Tom Married Liz Glatz. This is about Liz's family.

This is the story as we know it.

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My youngest son's second marriage  was to Elizabeth "Liz" Glatz. Her father is Marvin Kenneth Glatz. By his first wife, Barbara Mae Mazurek, married on Aug 8, 1959 there were Liz, her older brother Richard and a younger sister, Diana. Marvin's second marriage to Deborah Cardini brought a daughter, Rebecca.

Marvin Glatz.'s father was Joseph Glatz, born 02 Jun 1905 at Goberling, Burgenland, Austria. He arrived in America in 1924 at the age of 19.

Barbara Mae's mother,Margaret Furest  was born 11 Nov 1912 in Chicago 11 Nov 1912. She was the daughter of Joe Furest, who was born Abt. 1890 in Hungary. His wife was Mary, last name unknown, also from Hungary.

Barbara Mae Mazurek, on Liz's maternal side, was born at E. Chic Ind, on 24 May 1937. She was the daughter of Walter Mazurek, born 28 Jan 1908 (location unknown) and Julia A Drozdy, born 26 Mar 1913 in Indiana. Walter's parents were both born in Poland, apparently occupied by Austria at the time.  Julia's parents were also from Poland but a part which was then held by Russia. It is not hard to realize that both may have fled their homelands to escape foreign oppression.

We were able to trace Liz's paternal line to many ancestors as far back as the late 1400's mostly in Bavaria. The other branches of her family eluded discovery. We refer you to the links that follow.

See Ancestors of Liz Glatz.

For more detail See Ahnentafel Report of Liz Glatz


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