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The Atherton/Brown
This is the second page which includes part of the Atherton story and also includes the Brown Family Line.

There is a great deal of conflicting names and places and misinformation regarding the Brown (Browne) family in the early years in American and so we welcome any corrections to our story.

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England and Beyond

Thomas Brown (1557-1590) was married to Joan Sayer (1552-1610) They had a least 3 children and were my 11th great grandparents. They serve here to anchor a long line of the family in Brittan, France and possibly other areas of Europe. See Thomas Brown Pedigree.

As we trace this line we find the given name "John" repeated for 9 generations from 1425 back to 1220.  Five of these were knighted as Sir John. Between 1159 and 1208 we find William (Browne) De Bruin living in Scotland with the family name "De Bruin" meaning "The Brown". We then find the line with names such as Hugh XI. de Lusignan Comte de la Marche et d'Angouleme, and residing in France. A few generations further back we have Hugues IX 'Le Brun' de Lusignan Seigneur of Lusignan, and  continuing further back, Hugues Hugh VIII Le Brun Seigneur De Lusignan, Hugh VIII Le Brun Count De La Marche Seigneur De Lusignan, Hugh De Lusignan, Hugh VI "The Evil" de Lusignan, HUGH "The Fair" Lusignan V and Hugues Hugh IV (Brunus, the Brown) Seigneur de Lusignan. With this individual born 987 AD we have the introduction of the color "Brown" into his surname and hence the family name. Prior to this we have HUGH III Albus "The White" de Lusignan, Hugues  II Carus, Lord de Lusignan Le Cher La Melusine and finally, Hugh I The Venator or Hunter de Lusignan. But wait ... We have a problem. Beyond this there are conflicting and impossible dates so we end our research at this point.

The family was deeply involved in the crusades. Hugues XI was killed in Crusade Battle, at  Faruskur, Egypta.  Hugh  IX died at Dumyat (Damietta), Egypt.  Hugh VIII died in Aleppo, Outre-Mer, Syria.

 There were many prominent and powerful members of the House of Lusignan. See House of Lusignan. So we can say that "The Brown" family tree is not dull and drab as the name would imply.

Per Wikipedia:

The House of Lusignan (/ˈlznjɒn/ LOO-zən-yon) was a royal house of French origin, which ruled much of Europe and the Levant, including the kingdoms of Jerusalem, Cyprus, and Armenia, and had great influence in England and France.

It originated in Poitou, near Lusignan in western France, in the early 10th century. By the end of the 11th century, they had risen to become the most prominent petty lords in the region from their castle at Lusignan. In the late 12th century, through marriage and inheritance, a cadet branch of the family came to control the Kingdoms of Jerusalem and of Cyprus, while in the early 13th century, the main branch succeeded in the Counties of La Marche and AngoulÍme. As Crusader kings in the Latin East, they soon had connections with the Hethumid rulers of the Kingdom of Cilicia, which they inherited through marriage in the mid-14th century. The Armenian branch fled to France, and eventually Russia,after the Mamluk conquest of their kingdom, and the claim was taken by the Cypriot branch, until their line failed and the kingdom was annexed by Republic of Venice.


In America

Generation 1
John Brown (1584-1662) & Unknown Wife

John Brown was born at Hawkedon, Suffolk, England in 1584, the son of Thomas Brown and Joan Sayer. He took a bride who's name is unknown and while in England  had two children, William in 1612 and Mary in 1616. Sometime after the birth of Mary they emigrated to Massachusets and at Salem in 1620, Margret was born. She is listed as Margeret Prisse. Apparently this first wife died sometime thereafter.

John then married Margaret Goodrich who had been born at St Edmunds, Suffolk, , England on April 19, 1581. In 1630 at Pawtucket, Providence, Rhode Island, they had a son, John. There is conflicting information regarding other children.

John died 10 Apr 1662 at Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts and Margaret on 27 Jan 1674 at Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts. They were my 10 great grandparents.

Generation 2
John Browne (1630-1662) & Phebe Harding (1612-1664)

John Browne married Phebe Harding who had been born in England in 1612. There is conflicting information about this family, where they lived and the number of children. Apparently among these James Brown was born at Springfield, Franklin, Massachusetts,  in 1650.

John died 31 Mar 1662 at Reboboth, Bristol, Massachusetts and there is conflicting information about the death of his wife. They were my 9th great grandparents.

Generation 3
James Brown (1650-1711) & Remembrance Brooks (1653-1713)

James Brown Brown was born at Springfield, Franklin, Massachusetts,  in 1650. He married Rememberance Brooks, born 24 Mar 1653 at Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts. Her parents are listed as Walter Lee and Martha Moses. Apparently there was a former but brief marriage to a "Brooks".  The couple had 14 children born at Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts,

James died 08 Jul 1711 at Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusets and Rememberance 03 Mar 1713 at Colchester, New London, Connecticut. They were my 8th great grandparents.

Generation 4

Mindwell Brown (1686-1776) & Joseph Atherton (1675-1753)
Mindwell Brown was born 20 Nov 1686 at 20 Nov 1686, the daughter of James Brown and Remembrance Brooks. She married Joseph Atherton who, on 07 Jan 1675 was born to Rev. Hope Atherton and Sarah Hollister.

Rev. Hope Atherton was the son of Maj Gen Humphrey Atherton and Mary Wales. For their story see the  Atherton/Weeks page.  
Mindwell and Sarah were the parents of 6 children, all born at Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts between 1713 and 1729.
Mindwell died at Greenfield, Franklin, Massachusetts on 01 Mar 1776 and Joseph at Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts on 13 Oct 1753. They were my 7th great grandparents.
Generation 4

Anne Atherton (1744-1804) & Daniel Nash (1742-1819)

Anne Atherton was a daughter of Mindwell Brown and Joseph Atherton. She had been born in 1744. She married Daniel Nash, the son of Daniel Nash and Abigail Stebbins. He was born at Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts on 11 Mar 1723.

Anne and Daniel were the parents of 3 children between  1742 and 1748 at Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts. Anne died at  Greenfield, Franklin, Massachusetts on 07 Jun 1804 and Daniel at the same place on 22 Feb 1819. They were my 5th great grandparents.

Their daughter, Abigail Nash, born in 1772 married William Hunt. For a continuation of this story see The Hunt Family Line

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