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The Needham Family  

Our Needham heritage begins in England and connects us to the Carpenter Family line and beyond.

We also get a brief look at the family origins in England.

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England

We have this:

The title of Viscount Kilmorey was created in the Peerage of Ireland in 1625 for Sir Robert Needham, Member of Parliament for Shropshire, and High Sheriff of Shropshire in 1606. His son, the second Viscount, represented Newcastle-under-Lyme in Parliament and supported King Charles I during the Civil War. His younger son, the fourth Viscount (who succeeded his elder half-brother), also fought as a Royalist in the Civil War. His great-great-grandson was the twelfth Viscount, who was created Earl of Kilmorey in 1822.

Note: This appears to be another Needham line, extending to Sir John De NEEDHAM (1282-1334) of Derby, Derbyshire, England (and beyond) for which we find no connection to our Needham ancestors.


The earliest of the Needham clan that we can identify is John who was born at Cheshire, England in 1390. He died in 1480, having lived 90 full years. John was my 21st great grandfather. There are two towns in England bearing the names Needham and Needham Market, neither of which can be linked to the Needham family but probably are. The origins of the clan beyond this are unknown.

Anthony Brian Needham II was a son of Anthony Needham and Jane More and was born at Youlgrave, Derbyshire, England on 30 Dec 1628. He left England for America sometime before 1655.

In America


Generation 1

Anthony Brian Needham II (1628-1705) - Ann Potter (1632-1695)

Anthony Brian Needham sailed to New England before 1655 where he met and married Ann Potter. She was born in 1632 at Antrim, Antrim, Ireland, the daughter of Humphrey Potter and his wife Anne. Anthony and Ann were the parents of 12 children, all born in Massachusetts.

Ann died 16 Jul 1695 and Anthony 09 Jun 1705. They were my 9th great grandparents.



Generation 2

Anthony Needham (1696-1763) - Mary Swinerton (1670-1757)

Anthony Needham, born 11 Apr 1663 at Salem, Ma. married Mary Swinerton , the daughter of Jobe Swinerton and Ruth Symonds. They were the parents of 10 children, all born at Essex, Ma.

Anthony died in Aug 1757 and Mary also in 1757. Circumstances are unknown. They were my 7th great grandparents.



Generation 2

Anthony Needham (1636-1763) - Mary Molly Moulton (1702-1791)

Anthony Needham born on 23 Nov 1696 at Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. He married, on 10 Jun 1722, Mary Molly Moulton the daughter of Robert Moulton and Hannah Groves who was born 30 Sep 1702 at Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. They were the parents of 10 children all born at South Brimfield, Hampd, MA.

Anthony died 02 Jul 1763 and Mary 20 Aug 1791 both at South Brimfield. They were my 6th great grandparents.



Generation 3

Hannah Needham (1727-1781) - William Carpenter (1721-1809)

Hannah Needham married William Carpenter on 28 Apr 1743.  For the continuation of this story see  5th generation of Carpenter Family Line.

For the ancestors of Hannah see Pedegree Hannah Needham .




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