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The Bent Family Line 

Our story of the Bent Ancestors begins in England and goes to Massachusetts for several generations when it merges into the Copeland family.

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England

Robert Bent, son of John and Edith, was born at Penton, Grafton, England in September of 1566. He married Agnes Gosling on 13 Oct 1589. She had been born in 1560 at Penton Grafton, Hamps, England of unknown parents. Robert and Agnes had 7 children. Robert died at the age of 64 in July of 1634. Their son John John Bent was born 25 Nov 1596 at Wayhill, Penton Grafton, England. He married Martha Blanchard, born in 1600, daughter of John Blanchard and Elizabeth Hills. John and Martha had 5 children in England before the family sailed to Massachusetts, bringing his mother with on the voyage. She died after the ship arrived in Boston Harbor at the age of 79. The children born in England were; Robert, William, Peter, Agnes and John.

In America

The ship Mayflower arrived and discharged its passengers at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1620, the place of the first New England settlement. In 1630 the town of Boston was founded, providing an excellent harbor.


Generation 1

John Bent (1596-1672) & Martha Blanchard (1600-1676)

John Bent, his wife Martha Blanchard and their 5 children settled in Sudbury, Middlesex, MA where two additional children were born; Joseph and Martha.  John was admitted as Freeman in 1640; he was a selectman in 1641; he owned many grants of land; he was on a town committee to assign timber land in 1648; he served on the committee that laid out the highway from Weston to the Dunster Farm on the edge of Framingham. (This road followed an ancient Indian trail from the seacoast to the Connecticut River.) He was one of Major Simon Williardís troopers at Dedham in 1654. He was also a magistrate.

John died at the age of 75 on 25 Nov 1596. Martha followed him in death on 16 Nov 1676 at the age of 76. John and Martha Bent were my 8th great grandparents.


Generation 2

-Joseph Bent (1641-1675) & Elizabeth Bourne (1646-1708)

Joseph Bent, son of John and Martha, was born in Sudbury, Middlesex, MA on 16 May 1641.

He married Elizabeth Bourne  who had been born 31 May 1646 at Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Her parents were John Bourne (1616-1684) and Alice Besbedge (1624-1686) He lived for a while in Marshfield and was constable of Marshfield in 1669.

Joseph and Elizabeth were the parents of 6 children; Joseph (died in early childhood), an unknown daughter, Experience, another unknown daughter, Elizabeth, and Joseph. Joseph, Sr. died at the early age of 33 in 1675. He was killed by accident by a pistol shot by his older brother Peter Bent. Elizabeth lived to 61 dying in 1708.

Also see John Bourne Pedegree.


3rd Generation 

Joseph Bent (1675-1728) & Rachel Fuller (1673-1726)

Joseph Bent was born 05 Mar 1675. We may assume that he was born after the death of his father and was given the name of Joseph, the second child with that name, by his mother to honor his father's memory. (My assumption) After his parents died, Joseph was raised by his maternal grandparents, John and Alice Bourne, in Marshfield, Massachusetts. After their deaths he was raised by his Uncle John Mann, who was married to his motherís sister, Alice Bourne. Josephís occupation was blacksmith.

On 27 Oct 1698 Joseph married Rachel Fuller, daughter of Jonathan Fuller and Marie Elizabeth Wilmarth. Rachel was born 03 Dec 1673 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA. Joseph Bent and Rachel Fuller were the parents of 8 children; Mary, Joseph, John, Elizabeth, Rachel, Sarah, Ebenezer, Experience. and Thankful.

Rachel died 03 Dec 1673 at the age of 61 and Joseph 31 Mar 1728 at the age of 53.
See Rachel Fuller Pedigree chart.


4th Generation

Elizabeth Bent (1706-1774) & David Copeland (1704-1760)

Elizabeth Bent, the 4th child of Joseph and Rachel Bent, was born at Milton, Norfolk, MA, on 13 Jan 1705. She married David Copeland on 01 Dec 1725. For the continuation of this family line see Copeland Family.


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