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This page traces our ancestors from early Norse mythology through the De Hauteville and Tankervill family line in Normandy and on to the Chamberline family line in Great Britain. All of this leads to our Chamberline migration to America which is covered on a separate page.


As stated below The section on  the Norse and Vikings is based on information that is questionable to say the least.
I also have found that many family trees have incorrect information on the Tankervill  family history. Some have the two who went to Britain with William as being the Earls of Tankerton. They were not. The earls lived much later in history and were part of the family that stayed in Normandy. Another branch of the Tankerton family settled in Sicily and Southern Italy becoming very influential in the area.
I have also found many instances in family trees in both the Tankerton and Chamberlain families with fathers being born after their sons. I have sifted through these errors and believe that the Norman and British genealogy as presented here is correct.
Of course I welcome correction in the event it is due.

This is their story, as I know it.

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The Norse Beginnings.

The line starts at  Fornjotur Kvenland, king (c130-c230) and his father At this time we are in the realm of history mixed with mythology and have gone through ancestors who had lived, or supposedly lived on The isle of Mann and in Norway, Denmark and Finland as well as parts of Russia.Also see Hialti de HAUTEVILLE .

This part of the page is not positive genealogy. Our Norse beginnings tell us of some of the people who could have been our ancestors but nothing is certain. Look at it as our Mythology.


poss. Snaer (King) in KVENLAND (q.v.)

Fornjotur the GIANT (King) in KVENLAND
Nicknames: "Fjornjot in Kvenland", "Fornjotur", "Fornjot", "Fornjotor", "The Ancient Giant", "King of Finland and /Kvenland/", "Fornjótr"
Birthdate: circa 170
Birthplace: Kvenland / Finland
Death: Died 230 in Kvenland
Occupation: King in Kvenland, King of Kvenland, first king in Kvenland

Nicknames: "Kari", "Kĺre", "King in Kvenland", "/Wind/"
Birthdate: circa 185
Birthplace: Finland
Death: Died 240 in Finland
Occupation: King in Kvenland, King of Kvenland, King, King of Finland



Frosti KARASSON (King) in KVENLAND OR: prob. not Endill +
Nicknames: "Frosti", "Jřkull", "Logo", "King Logi"
Birthdate: circa 240
Birthplace: Finland
Death: 274 in Finland
Occupation: King Of Kvenland."Oli kuningas kutsui Fornjotur joka hallitsi Suomessa", Konge


"Thorri Snaersson King in Kvenland", "Thorri", "Ţorri", "Torre", "King in Kvenland", "Frozen /Snow/"
(c.320 - 344) 


Gorr (Gor) THORASSON Ikutiera (Princess in FINLAND)

Heytir (Heiti) GORRSSON-- Gotte (?)

Ogier the DANE| or: Heytir GORRSSON (Ogier's ancestor)
Ogier/Holdger/Auchier The Dane
Est. birth between 535 and 595

Svidri HEYTSSON  (600?? - ?)

Godfrey (King) of DENMARK
Godfrey, Danish Godfred or Gudfred   (died 810), king in Denmark who halted the northward extension of Charlemagne’s empire. He may have ruled over all Denmark, but his centre of power was in the extreme south of Jutland. There Hedeby became an important station on the new Frankish trade route to the Muslim states of the East via the Baltic Sea and the Russian rivers. In 804, during a period of intense Danish-Carolingian warfare, Godfrey destroyed the Sorbian port of Reric (later Lübeck) in retaliation for the Sorbs’ alliance with Charlemagne. The activity of the port was transferred to Hedeby, greatly enhancing its importance. In addition to campaigning successfully against the forces of Charlemagne and his son Louis I (the Pious), Godfrey began construction of the Danevirke, a line of earthwork fortifications along the southern base of the Jutland peninsula, south of Hedeby. He was murdered while on campaign in Frisia.


Sveide `the Sea-King' SVIADRASSON
Sveide SVIDRASSON The Viking Sea King was born about 700 in Raumsdal, Norway. He died in 760

Hingmar (Ivar)-- Arailt (Harold)  (? - 856?)


Magnus -- poss.  Ivar


The genealogy shown above was taken from the geneology of Hialti de HAUTEVILLE With additional information added if it was found. We are not at all sure of it's reliability. The only fact we have is that Hialti was of Viking origins and with him starts our Norman genealogy. 


Norman Ancestors


Generation 1


Hiallt, a Norseman is credited with founding the village of Hialtus Villa (Hauteville) in the Cotentin of Normandy. He lived from 852 to 888, only 36 years old at the time of his death. He was my 32nd great grandfather.


Generation 2

Guiscard De Hauteville

Born in 880 at Hauteville, Manche, Basse-Normandie, France. He married Fredistina de Hauteville. Guiscard died in 971 at the age of 91.

Generation 3

Tancred De Hauteville

Born in 910 at Hauteville, Manche, France. His wife's name is was Fresende of Normandy (1005 - 15-057).   He died at age 70 in 980 at Coutances, Normandy, France.

Tancred de Hauteville was an eleventh-century Norman petty lord about whom little is known. His historical importance comes entirely from the accomplishments of his sons and later descendants. He was a minor noble near Coutances in the Cotentin, but it is not even certain which of the three villages called Hauteville he held, though Hauteville-la-Guichard is most often cited.  He had 12 sons by his two wives, and several daughters, almost all of whom left Normandy for southern Italy and acquired some prominence there.


Generation 4

Gerard Tancred De Hauteville

He was born in 930 at Hauteville, Manche, Normany, France and married Helisendis DeHauteville. His death is reported to be in Normandy in 1001 at the age of 71.


Generation 5

Rabel Tancred Seigneur de Hauteville

He was born in 980 at Hauteville, Manche, Normany, France. His wife is listed as Fresende Normandy De Hauteville which was either a very popular name or an error. His death at age 41 was at Coutances, Manche, Basse-Normandie, France in 1021.


Generation 6

Tancreed cj Guiscard Seigneur de Hauteville

Listed as born in Normandy in 1000, he was married to Frésende De Normandie. She was born in 1003, a daughter of Richard II Le Bon (The Good) King of Normandy. Her brother, Robert, Duke of Normandy, was the father of William the Conquer. William the Conquer, sometimes known as William the Bastard because of his illegitimate birth, justified his invasion of Brittan by his being a descendant of Richard's wife, Judith of Brittany, claiming a right to the throne of Briton.

Tancreed died at the age of 41 at Coutances, Normandie, France in 1041.

Richard II was my 28th great grandfather following Frésende through my Chamberline line of ancestors and also following Robert through our Cudworth line.


Generation 7

Gerard De Tankerville

Gerard was born in 1015 at Le Havre, Manche, Basse-Normandie, France. Earl of Tankerville, he married Helesinde de Normandie who had been born 05 Jan 1015 at Tancarville, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France. He died in England in 1066 apparently during his cousin William's invasion of England.

Tankerville Castle in Normandy

Generation 8

John De Tankerville

John was born 10 1040 at Tankerville Castle in Normandy. His wife is unknown. He, along with his father, was with his cousin William the Conquer at the invasion of Briton. He may have taken an English wife or brought a French wife to England. His son, John was born in England. He, John, Sr., returned to Normandy and died there at the age of 60 in 1100.


British Ancestors


Generation 9

John DeTankerville

John was born 1070 in England. He died in Suffolk, England in 1130. I have not been able to gather any other information about him.


Generation 10

Lord Richard Chamberlain

Richard was born in Normandy in 1120. He was appointed Chamberlain to the King of England, probably King Stephen. As such, he was the man closest to the king. The identity of Richard's wife is unknown. He died at Oxfordshire, England in 1180. 


Generation 11

Lord William Chamberlayne

William was born in 1160 at North Ryster, Oxfordshire, England. He was appointed Chamberlain, possibly to Henery II. He also assumed the name Chamberlayn or Chamberlain as his Surname for himself and his descendants. His wife was Maud Clyfton, born at Oxfordshire, England  in 1165. Maud died in 1210 and William in 1220.


Generation 12

Robert Chamberlayne

Born at Taunton, Somerset, England in 1200, he died at Oxfordshire, England in 1260. His spouse is unknown.


Generation 13

John Chamberlayne

Born at  Wickham, Oxfordshire, England in 1230, his spouse was Jane Gatesden who had been born at Southall, Hertfordshire, , England on 20 Dec 1268. She died at 40 in 1318 and he preceded her in death on 04 Dec 1301 at age 41.


Generation 14

Richard Chamberlaine

Richard was born at Wickham, Oxfordshire, , England in 1260. His spouse was Jane Gatesden born 20 Dec 1268 at Southall, Hertfordshire, England. Richard died on 04 Dec 1301 and she followed in 1318.


Generation 15

John Chamberlaine

John was born at Wickham, Oxfordshire, , England in 1293. He was married to Margaret Morteyn, born at  Buckinghamshire, , England in 1303. She died in child birth in Apr 1324 at the age of 21. John died at Stanbridge, Bedfordshire, , England in 1349.


Generation 16

Sir Richard Chamberlaine

Richard was born at Wickham, Oxfordshire, , England in 1324. His wife was Jane Reyns of Clyfton Reynes, , Buckinghamshire, England and was born in 1329. By his title we see that Richard had attained Knighthood. He died at Stanbridge, Bedfordshire, England in 1391 and she attained the age of 81 having died at Stanbridge, Bedfordshire, England in 1410.


Generation 17

Sir Richard Chamberlaine

Richard was born at Shirburn, Oxfordshire, England in 1356. He was married to Margaret DeLovaine who was born at Shirburn, Oxfordshire, England in 1372. He died at Tilsworth, Bedfordshire, England in 1396 and she at Shirburn, Oxfordshire, England in 1408.


Generation 18

Thomas Chamberlaine

Prestbury, Gloucestershire, England was the birthplace of Thomas in 1390. His wife, Isabel Knyfton had been born at Gloucestershire, England in 1396. She died at Gloucestershire, England but the date is unknown. Thomas died at Shirburn, Oxfordshire, England and his date of death is also unknown.


Generation 19

John Chamberlaine

John, born at Gloucestershire, England in 1420 was married in 1449 to a woman with the surname Elton. She had been born at Prestbury, Gloucestershire, England in 1420 and died at an onknown date at Prestbury, Gloucestershire, England. John died at Prestbury, Gloucestershire, England, date also unknown.


Generation 20

John Chamberlaine

This John in the line was born at Gloucestershire, England in 1450. He married Agnes Reynes who had been born in Gloucestershire, England in 1456. Both died at Gloucestershire, England but the dates are unknown.


Generation 21

Sir William Chamberlaine

In 1485 William was born at Prestbury, Gloucestershire, England. His wife was Elizabeth Fleming, born in 1488 at Dartmouth, Devon, England. Their dates of death in Gloucestershire, are unknown.

We wonder if Elizabeth could have been related to ancestors of our American Fleming ancestors.


Generation 22

Sir Thomas Chamberlaine

In 1522 Thomas was born at Prestbury, Gloucestershire, England.  He married Elizabeth Jane Luddington, born at Kirkby, Yorkshire, England in 1530. Between 1558 and 1564 they had 4 children: John, Edmond Theophila and Thomas. Elizabeth died at Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England, date unknown and Thomas, at the same placeon 26 Jul 1580.


Generation 23

Thomas Chamberlaine

In 1564 Thomas was born at Great Burstead, Essex, England. On 22 Nov 1589 he and Dorathia Jackson were married at Bradwell-Iuxta-Mare, Hertfordshire, England. She was born at St Giles Cripplegate, London, England in 1564. We know of two children: Susanna and Francis. We have no information about Dorathia. Thomas died at Bradwell, Essex, England in 1656.


Generation 24

Francis Chamberlaine

Francis, born at Great Burstead, Essex, England in 1589 married Agnes Haiden in England and with their family migrated to the Massachusetts Colony. These were my 9th great grandparents. We can follow their story and their descendants to the present day at The Dean/Chamberlin  Family Line




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