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The Frink Family Line

Our thanks go to cousins Laura Certer-Wasielewski  and her sister Tami Sherrill for their information and assistance.

Additional information comes from Ancestry,com member family trees. We have made every effort to eliminate errors but please notify us if any are found.

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England

Andrew Frink and his wife Julian were residents of Devonshre England. Andrew was born in 1578 and died in 1673. He married Julian 15 Oct 1593 at her home town Malborough, Devon, England. Her family name may have been Evans. She was reportedly born in 1580 which may be an error. That would mean that she was married at 13 to her 15 year old groom. Or ... the marriage date is incorrect. We know of only one son,  John who was supposedly born in 1610 at Marlborough, Devonshire, England. If he was an only, or their first child, it is possible that the marriage date was much later than that recorded in Family Trees.

There are reports that John Frink had married Mary Wood in Devonshire in 1630.  Mary was the daughter of Obadiah Wood and Hazelelponi Willix. We know of two children; George Frink, born in 1637 at Village of Marlborough, Marlborough Parish, England and John Frink born 20 Aug 1639 at Devon, England. Other reports have the Marriage much later in America but that seems very unlikely given the birth information of their two sons.

Nicholas Stevens was born at Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England in 1580. He had married Elizabeth Starkey who was born in 1589 at  Buckinghamshire, , England. He died in England but Elizabeth sailed to America with their son Henry Stevens who had been born in 1611. The year of their voyage is not known.

John Gallop was born at Mosterton, Dorset, England in 1590. Christobel Brushett was born at the same town in 1592. They married and in 1613 had a daughter, Elizabeth. Other children are unknown. The family immigrated to America, date unknown.

In America 

Generation 1 

John Frink (1610-1673) & Mary Wood (1607-1675)

 John Frink and his family immigrated to America some time after the birth of their son John in 1639. The family settled at Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts where in 1673, John died. He was followed in death by Mary in 1675. They were my 9th great grandparents.

There were other children attributed to them but dates and places of birth are not consistent. We know almost nothing of this family.1634-1717)


Generation 2

John Frink (1639-1718) & Grace Stevens (1634-1717)

John Frink came to America with his parents. In about 1657 he married Grace Stevens, the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth. Grace was born at Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, in 1634. The couple setteled at Taunton where their first three children were born:

  • Grace & Hannah b 1661

  • Deborah b 11 Jan 1665

The family relocated to  New London, Connecticut where 4 additional children were born:

  • Samuel b 14 Feb 1667

  • John b 18 May 1671

  • Thomas b 1674

  • Judith b 15 Apr 1680

Grace died 07 May 1717 and John followed on 10 Feb 1718. These were my 8th great grandparents.

3rd Generation 

Samuel Frink (1667-1713) and Dorothy Stanton (1682-1788)

(The George Washington Connection)

Samuel Frink, having been born at New London, Connecticut on 14 Feb, 1667, married Dorothy Stanton, daughter of Thomas Stanton and Sarah Denison. Dorothy had been born 20 Mar 1641 at Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. She was a descendant of  Robert Washington (1544-1653), a common ancestor of the future President George Washington.

We know of but one child of this marriage, William Frink, born in 1711 at Stonington, New London, Connecticut. Samuel died 14 Feb 1667 at New London but Dorothy lived to 105 having passed away in 1788 just one year before her (distant) cousin became the first President of the new nation. See Relationship Chart.

These were my 7th great grandparents. 


4th Generation

William Frink (1711-1782) & Abigail

William Frink of New London, Ct married Abigail. We know nothing of her or her parents except that she was reportedly also born in New London, Ct in 1711. We know of three children of this marriage:

  • Sarah & Christopher b 1750

  • Rufus  b 1772

There may have been other children but if so, we have no information.

The family remained at New London and William died in 1782. The date of Abigail's death is unknown.

They were my 6th great grandparents/

5th Generation

Sarah Frink (1750-1783) & Jasper Hunt (1745-1792)

Sarah Frink married Jasper Hunt on 08 Nov 1770 at  Lebanon, CT.

For a continuation see Hunt Family Line

Also see Pedigree Chart Sarah Frink

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