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The Hunt Family Line


Our thanks go to cousins Laura Certer-Wasielewski  and her sister Tami Sherrill for their information and assistance in establishing the Carpenter/Hunt connection.

Originally, I had picked up and used erroneous Hunt Family information from Mr. Gar Watson was kind enough to correct me and this page reflects the true Hunt family tree information as we know it. (Rev. 12/15/2015) Subsequently, Mr. Watson was kind enough to provide additional information in an effort to provide an accurate account of the Hunt Family in the face of much inaccurate and erroneous information that has been published elsewhere. With his permission I have quoted him directly on this page. Our sincere thanks go to Gar Watson for his help and his efforts to bring some factual sense to this family saga. (Rev 12/16/15)

Additional information comes from Ancestry,com member family trees. We have made every effort to eliminate errors but please notify us if any are found.

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England

The following information is quoted directly from Mr. Gar Watson.

 "Despite previously published claims, the English origins of the immigrant Jonathan Hunt can be found in parish records from St Nicholas, Leicester and Cossington in England.  Cossington is a village about 7 miles north of the city of Leicester, both of which are in the county of Leicestershire.   

    The first identifiable reference for the Hunt line in the parish records of St Nicholas, Leicester was the 16 Mar 1559 marriage between Thomas Hunt and Alice Pollard.  Following that marriage date, five children can be found baptized to Thomas Hunt or Hunte at St Nicholas.

    William Hunt bap 1 Nov 1563
    Johane Hunt bap 20 Sep 1565
    Thomas Hunt bap 10 Apr 1567
    Richard Hunt bap 18 Oct 1569
    Elizabeth Hunt bap 13 Nov 1571

    This first Thomas would have been the Thomas Hunt buried 4 Dec 1606.  An index of wills proved at the Archdeaconry court of Leicester shows a listing for a Thomas Hunt of Leicester in 1608, but wills from that year are missing.  Richard Hunt of St Nicholas, Leicester wrote a will on 27 Dec 1616 which was proved at Leicester on 20 Aug 1621 in which he mentioned his deceased father Thomas, his wife Agnes, and his children Thomas (his eldest son) Edward, and Joyce (when 18), naming “William Hunt and Thomas Hunt my brethren, overseers.”  Richard died shortly after he wrote the will as he was buried at Leicester on 31 Dec 1616.

    While a marriage record for Thomas and Alice’s son Thomas hasn’t been identified, starting in 1597, nine children can be found baptized to a Thomas Hunt at St Nicholas, Leicester.  Further, Thomas Hunt baptized 1567 was probably the Thomas Hunt buried 30 Mar 1620 at St Nicholas. 

    Thomas Hunt bp 29 Sep 1597 bur 29 Nov 1601
    Anne Hunt bp 8 Apr 1599
    William Hunt bap 25 Mar 1601
    Catheren Hunt bp 28 Aug 1603
    Thomas Hunt bap 14 Oct 1604
    Marie Hunt bap 14 Sep 1606
    Elizabeth Hunt bap 2 Apr 1609 bur 11 Oct 1609
    Elizabeth Hunt bap 21 Oct 1610
    Henry Hunt bap 2 May 1613

    Next, in Cossington parish records was the marriage of Thomas Hunt to Margaret Webster on 5 Jun 1632.  Branches & Twigs: Newsletter of Genealogical Society of Vermont, Volumes 22-24 (1993) lists burial dates for Thomas on 3 Aug 1642 and Margaret on 19 Jun 1656, but it does make clear if these were at St Nicholas where their children were all baptized or at Cossington where Margaret was baptized and where they were married.  The article also mentions that John Webster of Hartford, CT sent a letter by courier to his daughter in Leicester in 1644.  An index of administrations proved at the Archdeaconry court of Leicester mentions a Thomas Hunt of Leicester in 1642, but states bonds from that year are missing.  The following children were baptized at St Nicholas. 

    John Hunt bap 14 Apr 1633 bur 16 Apr 1633
    Thomas Hunt bap 7 Aug 1634
    Jonathan Hunt bap 4 Jun 1637
    Anne Hunte bap 13 Sep 1639 bur 14 Sep 1639
    Mary Hunte bap 15 Nov 1640
    Ketheren Hunte bap 14 Feb 1642                       

    The best published source of information on John and Agnes (Smith) Webster and their English origins is an article by Mrs. S H Skillington, “The Ancestry of John Webster”, The American Genealogist 24:4 (Oct 1948).  John Webster was baptized on 16 Aug 1590 at Cossington. Leicestershire, England to Matthew and Elizabeth (Ashton) Webster.  On 7 Aug 1609 at Cossington, he married Agnes Smith, who had been baptized on 29 Aug 1585 at Cossington to Richard and Agnes (Wraske) Smith.  All nine of John and Agnes Webster’s children were baptized at Cossington, including Mary Webster, baptized on 30 Mar 1623 and buried 15 Apr 1623, and Margaret baptized 21 Feb 1611/2.  As Mary died in infancy, there was never a marriage between her and a John Hunt, as some older published works claimed.  As mentioned about, Margaret Webster, however, did marry Thomas Hunt on 5 Jun 1632 at Cossington.  Thomas and Margaret (Webster) Hunt remained in England, while John and Agnes (Smith) Webster and their six other surviving children emigrated around 1634." 

In America 

The following information is quoted directly from Mr. Gar Watson.

 "After first settling in Watertwon, MA, around 1636 John and Agnes Webster moved to Hartford, CT.  John Webster was one of the original landholders in Hartford, and among the offices he held, he was Governor of Connecticut in 1656.  Probably after the death of their mother Margaret that same year, Jonathan and Mary Hunt were sent to live with their Webster grandparents.  John Webster died on 5 Ap 1661 in Hadley, MA, and both Jonathan and Mary were named in his will.

"To my grandchild Jonathan Hunt I give the summ of forty shillings.”
"To my grandchild Mary Hunt I give ye summ of ten pounds.” "

We thank Mr. Watson for his contributions to this page (above) and for all the help he has given me in establishing the accurate origins of our Hunt Family ancestors. We continue the saga below.


Generation 1

Jonathan Hunt(1637-1691) & Clemence Hosmer 1643-1695)

Jonathan Hunt, son of Thomas Hunt and Margaret Webster, arrived in America sometime before 1662 and soon moved to Hartford, Ct where on 03 Sep 1662 he married Clemence Hosmer, daughter of Thomas Hosmer and Frances Bushness.

Jonathan and Clemence returned to Massachusetts and set up their home at Northampton in Hampshire county where they raised a family of 12:

  • Thomas b 22 Jan 1663

  • Jonathan Born & Died 1764

  • Jonathan b 1665

  • John b 1667 - Died as a child

  • Hannah b 1669

  • Clemens b 1671

  • Ebenezer b 1673

  • Mary b 1679

  • Sarah b 1682

  • John b 1682

  • Samuel b 1684

The date of death for the first John has been listed as 1721 but that is an obvious error. He must have died before the birth of his sibling John was born in 1682.

Jonathan Sr. died 29 Sep 1691 at Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Clemens followed in death on 20 Sep 1695 at Milford, Middlesex, Connecticut. She apparently moved back to Connecticut after her husband's death. They were my 8th great grandparents.

2nd Generation 

Thomas Hunt (1683-1746) & Mary Verde (1668-1709)

Thomas Hunt, the first child of Jonathan and Clemence, was born 23 Jan 1663 at Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts. He married Mary Verde, probably about 1689. She was born in 1668 at Lebanon, New London, Connecticut The daughter of Pierre Verde and Marie Jaquette "Rozette" Bosteaux.

Pierre Verde was reportedly born at Lebanon, New London, Connecticut in 1644, the son of Ennemond Verd who was originally from Marne, Loire, Rhone-Alpes, France. Pierre's mother was Antoinette Archimbaud of Bussières, Loire, Rhône-Alpes, France. However, she supposedly died 05 May 1701 in France which would lead us to believe that Pierre must have been born in France, not in Connecticut.

Mary's mother was Marie Jaquette "Rozette" Bosteaux and she was also from Marne, Loire, Rhone-Alpes, France. Marie's parents were born and died in France.  One has to wonder if she was brought to the American colony Pierre's father to be his son's bride. In any case, it introduces some French heritage into this otherwise English line.

See Mary Verde Pedigree Chart


In any case, Thomas Hunt and his wife, Mary Verde, apparently lived most, if not all their lives in Connecticut where they raised a family of 9:

  • Clemens b 1690

  • Elizabeth b 1692

  • Mary b 1694

  • Thomas Jr b 1697

  • Gideon b 1700

  • Anna b 1702

  • Hannah b 1702

  • Jonathan b 1708

  • John b 1708

It is in doubt that Anna and Hannah were twins as one may have been born early and the other late in 1702. But Jonathan & John do seem to have been twins.

Marry died 23 Feb 1709 at Lebanon, New London, Connecticut while Thomas survived  until 04 Apr 1746 dying at Colchester, New London, Connecticut,   Mothering of the infant children was probably left to the oldest girls who would have been approaching their teens at the time of their mother's death.

    Thomas & Mary were my 7th great grandparents.



3rd Generation

Jonathan Hunt (1708-1798) & Ruth Cushman (1708-1799)

Jonathan Hunt was born in 1708 at Lebanon, New London, CT. He married Ruth Cushman, born 09 Jan 1708 also at Lebanon, New London,  She was the daughter of Thomas Cushman and Sarah Strong. The couple lived all their lives at New London and raised 7 children:

  • Hilda b 26 Jan 1733

  • Love b 16 Nov 1738

  • Luther b 20 Jan 1743

  • Jasper b 02 June 1745

  • Sarah b 11 July 1747

  • Jonathan b 09 Feb 1749

  • Theodora b 17 Jan 1755

Jonathan died 05 May 1789 followed in death by Ruth on 05 May 1799. They were my 8th great grandparents.


4th Generation

Jasper Hunt (1745-1792) & Sarah Frink (1750-1783)

Jasper, 4th child of Jonathan and Ruth was born at Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut on 02 Jun 1745. On 08 Nov 1770 at  Lebanon, CT he married Sarah Frink who had been born at Norwich, New London, Connecticut in 1750, the daughter of William and Abigail Frink.

After the birth of their first child the family relocated to Vermont. Their children were:

  • Salmon b 30 June 1772

  • Timothy b 02 Nov 1778

  • William b 1780

  • Polly b 18 Non 1781

Sarah died on 21 Feb 1783 at the age of 33 and on 09 Jul 1783 Jasper married Silvene Davis. There were young children who needed the care of a mother. Nothing is known of Silvene's birth, parentage or death. The children of this marriage were:

  • Hosea b 25 Apr 1784

  • Denis b Feb 1789

  • Jasper b 18 Dec 1791

Jasper, Sr. died 01 Jun 1792 at the age of 46. I am surmising that he had been Ill at the time of the birth of his last son and that son was named after him in order to carry on the name. In any case, Silvene was left with young children but we know nothing of her or their fate.

Jasper and Sarah were my 5th great grandparents.

See Frink Family Line


5th Generation

William Hunt (1780-?) & Abigail Nash (1777-1847)

William Hunt was born in 1780 at Waterbury, Washington, Vermont. He was only 3 when he lost his mother and but 12 when his father died. The date of his marriage to Abigail Nash is unknown. She was born in 1777 at Greenfield, Franklin, Massachusetts to Daniel Nash and Anne Atherton. The family settled at Greenfield where they raised 5 children:

  • Jasper b 29 Jul 1800

  • Anne Elvira b 03 Aug 1803

  • Eliza Sally b 03 July 1807

  • Melinda b 05 May 1909

  • William Hennery b 24 Jan 1811

It is apparent that the family had relocated to southern Ohio when the territory opened up after the Revolutionary War. Abigail died in 1847 but William's date of death is unknown. They were my 4th great grandparents.

For the Nash and several other lines of ancestors see Pedigree of Abigail Nash. Also see the Clark & Nash family page.


6th Generation

Eliza Hunt (1807) & Cyrus Stacy Carpenter (1798-1868)

Eliza S Hunt, born 03 July 1807 at Waterbury, Washington, Vermont, married Cyrus Carpenter on 22 Feb 1824 at Franklin, Ohio. After her early death in 1835 at the age of  27, Cyrus remarried, divorced and then married Eliza's sister, (Anne) Elvira. Cyrus subsequently divorced her and married for a fourth time, For that story and a continuation of the line see the Carpenter Family.


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