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The Stacy Family Line

 In early April of 2015 a message came from Laura Certer-Wasielewski correcting the information I had for the wife of Reuben Carpenter (1726-1830), my 4th great grandfather. I had incorrectly identified his wife as Hannah (Anna) Rood. 
Reuben's wife, and my 4th great grandmother was actually Anna Stacy and so at this time I add the Stacy clan to my record of ancestors.

Our thanks go to cousins Laura Certer-Wasielewski  and Tami Sherrill for their information and assistance.

Additional information comes from Ancestry,com member family trees. We have made every effort to eliminate errors but please notify us if any are found.

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England

Simon Stacy had been born at Bocking, Essex, England, the son of Thomas Stacy And Sarah Wood. We have no birthdate for Thomas but Sarah was born 29 Jan 1562 at Epping, Essex, England. Thomas died 02 May 1624 at Epping and Sarah, 26 Sep 1620 at the same place. Simon married Elizabeth Clerke on 06 Nov 1620 at London, Middlesex, England. She had been born at Theydon Mount, Essex, England. in 1602, the daughter of Stephen Clerke (1580-1649) and Elizabeth Reynolds (1578-1670)

Simon and Elizabeth were the parents of 7 children, all born in England between 1621 and 1640. They were:

  •  Elizabeth, 1621

  • Thomas, 1622

  • Sarah, 1627

  • Susanna, 1628

  • Mary, 1635

  • Simon, 1636

  • Daniel, 1640

We assume that Simon and Elizabeth, with their children, sailed to America between 1640 and 1644 because all their deaths were in America.


See Elizabeth Clarke Pedegree.

 There were several Clark's who attained knighthood and had the title, "Eschequer" (tax collector) and the name morphed through several changes taking the name of the manor house and its town as the family relocated in England and before that, Normandy. In Normandy we lay claim to my 33rd great grandfather, Odo II, Count of Blois (see,_Count_of_Blois ) and his father, Odo I. I ended my search of this line with Rupert III Robertien Of Wormsgau (770-830AD), my 40th great grandfather. He was born in Worms, Germany. His father is listed as Rutpert III Count In Wormgau but there are discrepancies galore in his date of birth, death and places he lived so as to be very unreliable. Suffice to say that this line leads to our Western European roots.

In America 

Generation 1 

Simon Stacy (1592-1644) & Elizabeth Clarke (1602-1669)

 Simon Stacy had very little time in America. His death was recorded in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts on 27 Oct 1644 he was only 47 and left his wife Elizabeth Clarke and 7 children ranging in age from 23 to 4. It wasn't until 09 Oct 1669 that she followed him in death at the age of 67. She died at Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts. These were my 9th great grandparents.

Elizabeth Clarke was the daughter of Stephen Clerke of Theydon Mount, Essex, England and Elizabeth Reynolds also of Essex. The Clark (Clerk, Clarke) line of ancestors can be traced back via a long line of knights and British officials going back through Normandy and hence culminating with Robert "the Strong", King of France and his father Robert of Worms, born in 770 AD giving us Germanic roots for this line. See Elizabeth Clark Pedegree.


Generation 2

Thomas Stacy (1622-1689) & Susanna Wooster 1635-1692)

Thomas Stacy was the second child and oldest son of Simon and Elizebeth. He was born in 1692 at Bocking, Essex, England and arrived in America with his parents and 6 siblings while in his early 20's. He soon met and married Susanna Wooster on 04 Aug 1653 at Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts. We know Susan was born in Massachusetts in 1635 but know nothing of her parents.

We do have This:

Edward Wooster (1622 in England – July 8, 1689) was an English early settler of Colonial America, and "the first permanent settler in Derby", Connecticut.

In 1642, Wooster enters the record as one of the first colonists of Milford, Connecticut. In 1651, he received permission to settle an area known as "Paugusset". In 1669, he was appointed constable of Paugusset.

Edward Wooster died on July 8, 1689. Wooster's tombstone in Derby states:

In memory of Edward Wooster 1622–1689

The first permanent settler in Derby — 1651 —

"The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them

and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose"

It is unknown at this time if there is a family connection.

Thomas Stacy and Susanna Wooster are known to have the following children:

  • Thomas, 06 Jul 1656

  • William, 21 Apr 1657

  • Rebecca, 07 Dec 1657

  • Elizabeth, 16 Apr 1659

  • Joseph, 27 June 1660

  • Mary, 07 Nov 1661

  • Symon, 25 Dec 1664

  • John, 16 Mar 1666

  • Sarah, 06 Dec 1670

  • Nymphas, May 1674

All ten were born at Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts. Thomas died on 09 Feb 1689 at Salem, Massachusetts. Susanna died about 1692 at the same place. These were my 8th great grandparents.


3rd Generation 

William Stacy (1656-1723) & Pricilla Buckly (1657-1722)

William was the second of 10 children of Thomas Stacy and Susanne Wooster. He was born 21 Apr 1656 at Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts. The family had migrated to Salem, Ma and it was there on 28 Sep 1677 that he married Priscilla Buckly. She had been born at Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts in 1657. We no nothing of her parents or family origins. Children of this pair were:

  • Pricilla, 10 Oct 1679, Died 21 Oct 1680

  • Thomas, 28 Mar 1682

  • Sarah, 17 Jan 1682

  • William, 25 Dec 1686

  • Pricilla, 03 Aug 1689 Assumed to have died before 1690. 

  • Pricilla, 01 May 1690

  • Simon, 01 Mar 1694

All seven were born at Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. William died Abt. 1723 at Salem followed by Priscilla in 1722. These were my 7th great grandparents.


4th Generation

William Stacy (1686-1718) & Mary Hunt (1688-1776)

William was the fourth child of  William Stacy Sr. & Pricilla Buckly. He was born 25 Dec 1686 at Salem, Ma. On 10 Aug 1715 he married Mary Hunt there and they had a child on 31 Jul 1716 which was named William III. Unfortunately William II died on 04 Mar 1718 at the age of 31. Through this child, William and Mary were my 6th great grandparents.

Mary was the child of Captain Lewis Hunt and Mary Lake. Of her father, we know this:

1686, Lewis Hunt was captain of the ketch “Industry,” forty-five tons, six men, trading to St. Christopher’s.  Essex Deeds, xi. 34, Lewis Hunt, mariner, bought of Ann Stephens fourteen or fifteen poles of land in Salem, July 26, _____ recorded Dec. 5, 1695; and of W. Price’s executors seventy-six acres, Sept. 15—recorded Nov. 13, 1698.  Vol. xiii.  The mansion was built in 1700, and is now standing (Letter 410).  Probate Records, lib. xii. 332, administration on estate of Lewis Hunt was granted to his widow, June 16, 1716.  Page 81, inventory of Capt. Lewis Hunt, 621 pounds, 0s, 3d." Captain Lewis died at sea at Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia in 1716.

Mary Hunt, who had been born on 07 Jun 1688 in Salem married Lt. Paul Langdon on 18 Aug 1718. She obviously needed support for herself and her infant child. Paul had been born 12 Sep 1693. But we have no positive information on his parents. Paul and Mary were the parents of 7 additional Children. Paul died 03 Dec 1761 at Wilbraham, Massachusetts followed by Mary in 01 May 1776.

5th Generation

William Stacy (1716-1780) & Anna Torrey (1729-1805)

William, the only child of William II and Mary Hunt was born 31 Jul 1716 at Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. On 09 Nov 1738 at Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts he married Mary Kimball. The couple were the parents of 6 children between 1746 and 1758. Apparently Mary died between 1758 and 1762.

In 1763 William married Anna Torrey. She had been born on 09 Feb 1729 at Wales, Ma but we have no information of her parents. William and Anna were the parents of 8 additional children:

  • Anna & Elizabeth, 27 Oct 1763

  • Malon 'Mahlon' , 10 May 1765

  • Wareham, 15 May 1767

  • Ruby, 09 June 1769

  • Gilbert, 15 Nov 1770

  • Unknown, 30 Jul 1775

  • Amhe, Unknown date

All were born at Wilbraham, Massachusetts. William died there on 09 Mar 1800 and Anna followed in death on 19 Dec 1805. These were my 5th great grandparents.


5th Generation

Anna Stacy (1763-1835) & Reuben Carpenter (1762-1830)

Anna was one of a pair of twins, the first children of William Stacy and Anna Torrey. The Family had relocated to Connecticut and it was there she married  Reuben Carpenter on 16 Apr 1788.

See the Carpenter Family page for the continuation.

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