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The Rood Family Line

 Much of the information (misinformation) for this family has been deleted. It had been previously thought that the 5th generation Hannah Rood had been married to my ancestor, Reuben Carpenter. This was an error. The only connection to this family was the marriage between Reuben's sister Anne Carpenter and Moses Rood.

Our thanks go to Laura Certer-Wasielewski for her information and assistance.

I have no ancestors of the Rood Clan.

Much of the information we have comes from Ancestry,com member family trees. We have made every effort to eliminate errors but please notify us if any are found.

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England

Thomas Rood was born at , Hertfordshire, England in 1626. His father, also Thomas (1609-) used the family name La Rude. His grandfather, Johannes (1566-1592), went by the family name Rudde. Both his father and grandfather lived and died in England. as did his grandmother,  Johanna Carter. At the age of 11, Thomas Rood left England for America, apparently with his mother, Elizabeth Greene. It is not know if he went with other family or friends.


In America 

Generation 1 

Thomas Rood (1626-1672) & Sarah Leffingwell White (1649-1714)

 Thomas arrived at Salem, Massachusetts in 1637. On 24 Jan 1647 he married Sarah Leffingwell White. We know little of her except that she had been born at Norwich, New London, Connecticut; date unknown.

There are sources that suggest that Thomas Rood's wife Sarah (Leffingwell) White, was a daughter of Uncas, a Mehegan Indian sachem. It makes for interesting reading and I am sure that there is some fact there but the article uses terms like "whom some believe to be"  and " it is reasonable to surmise that". In opposition to these assumptions (Never assume anything in genealogy) my DNA results show no American Indian component and she was an ancestor of mine.. (Obviously not)

Between 1651 and 1666 the couple gave birth to 9 children; Sarah, Joseph, Thomas, Micah, Rachel, John, Benjamin, Mary, Samuel.  We have no information about Sarah's death but it must be assumed to be after the birth of Samuel in 1666. Her husband died 18 Oct 1672 at Salem, Essex, Massachusetts,  More on that later. They were my 8th great grandparents.

And then we have this ...
Thomas Rood, ... was executed October 18, 1672 in Norwich, CT, and has the dubious distinction of being the only person executed in North America for incest. His daughter Sarah was publicly whipped. Their progeny, George Rood, born 06 Jul 1672, was sent to live with his uncle Lt. Thomas Leffingwell. We offer this information in the spirit of family history and the assumption that no such tendencies were passed down to subsequent generations.

Research note:  There were several family trees available presenting obviously incorrect information regarding Sarah apparently all copied from the same unreliable source. This information was ignored.


Generation 2

John Rood (1658-1705) & Mary Eddy (1667-1706)

John Rood was born on 17 Sep 1658  at Norwich, New London, Connecticut. His wife was Mary Eddy, born 14 Mar 1667 at Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of John Eddt and Deliverence Owen. John Eddy's parents, Samuel Eddy and Elizebeth Savory came from England some time before 1637. Deliverance's parents, William Owen and Elizabeth Davis were born in Massachusetts. His parents were from Wales and his father, William Flowers Owen, Jr was born and died there, Nothing is known of his Mother, Margaret Wintersale except that she died 13 Sept 1669, obviously in America.

Between the years 1685 and 1704 there were born 10 children; Johnathan, John, Daniel, Zachariah, Thomas, Jacob, Mary, Hannah, Joseph, Lydia, Mehitable, and Noah,. Some of the children continued the Rood surname, some reverted to Rude while others used Rood.

Both parents died at Norwich, New London, Connecticut,  John on  on 14 Mar 1705 and Mary the following year.  They were my 7th great grandparents.


3rd Generation 

Zachariah Rood (1690-1795) & Dorothy Downing (1700-1754)

Zachariah Rood was born at Norwich, New London, Connecticut, 01 Jul 1690. We assume that in about 1729 he married Dorothy Downing. She had been born in 1700 at Preston City, New London, CT, the daughter of John Downing and his wife Elizabeth. Nothing is known of Elizabeth but John was born 28 Oct 1678 at Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts. He was the son of John Downing and Mary Bunce.

They were the parents of  Elizabeth, James, Zephaniah, Moses, Dorothy, Lydia, Huldah, Jason, Bathsheba, and Amey.

Zachariah Rood died at Preston City, New London, Connecticut, on 10 Feb 1795 and Dorothy preceded him in death on 13 Nov 1754.


4th Generation

Moses Rood (1752-1830)  & Sarah Loomis (1744-)

Deleted - faulty information

5th Generation

Reuben Carpenter (1726-1830) & Hannah Rood (1762-1835)

This part of the story was completely wrong! Ruben & Hanna Rood were never married. As a matter of fact. this Hanna Rood was probably the one who died as a child of 6 years. Reuben Carpenter was actually married to Anna Stacy. See the Carpenter page for the actual the story.

Hannah Rood had been born in 1762 at Barre, Vermont. Her family had moved to Connecticut but apparently went back to Vermont. It was there in about 1809 that she married Rubin Carpenter.


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