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The Royal Line

This line of ancestors was confirmed in May of 2011. It consists of ancestors of my 9th Great Grandfather Gen James Cudworth

This is their story, as I know it.

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In May of 2011, information was received from Helen Delight Eastman Nasatir (Copeland side). She is a descendant of Delight Dean, wife of Chauncey Butler Doolittle, our 2nd great grandparents. She brought astounding news in that she had confirmed the fact that we are descendants of James Cudworth. See relationship chart.  (also see The Cudworth Line) We already had information to that effect but she has documented it. What makes that astounding is the fact that said James Cudworth is descended from English Royalty among whom is Edward I

Using the information in the English Royalty article and verifying it all using an on-line encyclopedia and other on-line sources, I was able to establish the line from James Cudworth back to King Edward I of England. Tracing the line of kings back from Edward to William the Conquer and his ancestors and also to Charlemagne and his ancestors as well as the House of Wessex and Cedric is a matter of recorded history ferreted out using on-line sources such as Wikipedia.

For a detailed chart see:
Pedigree Chart of James Cudworth.

For additional information see ..

Descent of Elizabeth II from William I

English monarchs family tree

Lists of monarchs in the British Isles

House of Wessex family tree


I have listed these ancestors in reverse order, the order in which they were researched starting from the most recent to the earliest person who could reliably be identified. It was a simple, albeit tedious, task to delve into recorded history and simply follow the line of a person to his or her parents. Our ancestors comprise a large part of English History and a part of European History.

I have recorded brief descriptions of the individual ancestors, things I thought interesting, important, odd or amusing. I have also included links to the source of my information and I invite those who are interested do use these links to delve deeper into the story to find deeper historical knowledge of the individual, of others, and of the times.

For the connection to our "common" and more recent ancestors in America see:
 Cudworth line and from there to join the Doolittle Family, then Thayer and finally Copeland Families.

The pages that cover our Royal Ancestors are:

Page One - Royal Heritage

Page Two -  Plantagenet Kings

Page Three - The House of Wessex

Page Four - William and the Normans

Page Five - Charlemagne and his Ancestors

Royal Research & Conclusion



If nothing else, this was a study of History, the history that my teachers tried to instill in me during my school years. Obviously they weren't all that successful. But this was different. This was a study of people and that made it real. Furthermore these people were my ancestors and that made it personal.

My ancestors were there when  the forces of Edward I captured Robert the Bruce. They were there when the Normans invaded England and defeated the Saxon kings. They were there when the Saxons invaded the British Isles and won control from the Britons. They were also there when the Vikings raided the land of the Franks and were assimilated into their culture to become the Normans. All that makes it personnel and, being personnel, makes it interesting.

I found kings, queens, knights, dukes, counts, emperors and empresses among my ancestors. There were saints, bishops, nuns and also murderers, schemers and cruel rulers as well as beneficial leaders.  I even discovered that the current Queen Elisabeth II of England is a (very) distant cousin of mine. But ...

What about all those other lines of ancestors that end without a trace in more modern times? The ordinary guy doesn't leave a trail that is recorded in encyclopedias and history books. But they are ancestors too. Some of those ancestors may have been prominent leaders somewhen down the line or they may have been just the ordinary guy, the surfs and common solders, the shop keeper or the tradsman. But they were there also at those same events, or at other events around the world and back in time. We all share the same world and we are all shaped by the past.

We are all part of history ... intimately part of history through our ancestors. What they did and how they lived brought us to where we are today. We should know our history so we can better understand the present and see what people and events brought us to where we are. Then we are better able to understand ourselves and then choose what path to follow for the future.

This study of our Royal, noble and not so noble ancestors was enlightening for me. I record what I have found ... and what I experienced in doing so ... so that my children, grandchildren and beyond may benefit from it also.




Grandpa Don Plefka
aka Harry Ronald Cecora
 May 11, 2011


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