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Our Royal Heritage

The Begining
Looking back from James Cudworth
to his ancestor Thomas of Brotherton,
Son of Edward I King of England

This line of ancestors was confirmed in May of 2011. It consists of ancestors of my 9th Great Grandfather Gen James Cudworth

This is their story, as I know it.

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For a detailed chart see:
Pedigree Chart of James Cudworth.


Our Royal Heritage:

The list of the ancestors of Gen James Cudwoth back to and including Thomas of Brotherton (1300 - 1338) These are listed at English Royalty. We start with The Mother of James Cudworth.


MARY MACHELL, nurse to Prince Henry, eldest son of King James I of England. She married (1st) before 1612 [Rev.] RALPH CUDWORTH, D.D., Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. They had three sons, [Major] James, Gent., Ralph, D.D. [Fellow of Emmanuel College, Master of Clare College, Master of Christ´s College], and John, and three daughters, Elizabeth, Mary, and Jane. He was born in 1572. He matriculated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Lent, 1588-9, where he obtained the following degrees: B.A., 1592-3, M.A., 1596, B.D., 1603, and D. D., 1619. He served as Curate of Westley Waterless, Cambridgeshire c.1600, and was also a minister of St. Andrew´s, Cambridge. He was instituted Vicar of Coggeshall, Essex in 1604. He was appointed Rector of Aller, Somerset in 1609. [Rev.] RALPH CUDWORTH, D.D. was buried at Aller, Somerset 30 Aug. 1624.


Mary Lewknor, Born abt 1537 was The Mother of Mary Machell and the daughter of Edward Lewknor.  Her husband Mathew Machell, born Abt. 1537 in London, London, England, was the son of John Machell and  Joan Lodyngton. He married  Mary Lewkenor July 01, 1568 We know nothing of her other than these sparse facts.


Edward Lewknor,  of Kingston Bowsey (in Kingston by Sea) and Hamsey, Sussex, Groom Porter to King Edward VI and Queen Mary I, Burgess (M.P.) for Horsham, Sussex, 1553, son and heir, born about 1518 (aged 11 in 1529). He was a legatee in the 1527 will of his father. He married before 1542 DOROTHY WROTH, daughter of Robert Wroth, Esq., of Durants (in Enfield), Middlesex, by Jane, daughter of Thomas Haute, Knt. They had four sons, Edward, Knt., Thomas, Stephen, and William, and five daughters, Leverest [Lucrece?] (wife of William Jackson), Anne, Mary, Dorothy (wife of Benjamin Pellatt, Esq.), and Elizabeth. On his mother´s death, he took possession of the manor of Kingston Bowsey (in Kingston by Sea), Sussex. In 1551 the king and Council recommended him for the packership of London, but the City refused on the ground that the yield of the office had been allocated to the poor. In 1553 he was granted the manor of King´s Barns (in Upper Beeding) and an estate called New Park (in Lower Beeding), Sussex by the king. In Feb. 1556 he and his cousin, William West, the disabled heir of the 9th Lord la Warre, were informed by Henry Peckham of the conspiracy being hatched by Henry Dudley, Knt., against Queen Mary I, and asked to procure a copy of the will of King Henry VIII as proof of the queen`s ineligibility to wear the crown. Lewknor sent the document to West´s house in St. Dunstan´s, Farringdon Without, where it was handed over to Peckham. Lewknor was also said to have had meetings with sympathizers both at his house in Sussex and in London, and more vaguely to have been privy to a plot to kill the Queen during a card game. On 6 June 1556 he was taken to the Tower of London and on 15 June following he was tried at Guildhall and sentenced to death for treason. EDWARD LEWKNOR died a prisoner in the Tower of London 6 Sept. 5


 MARGARET COPLEY was the mother of Edward Lewknor.  She married EDWARD LEWKNOR, Esq., of Kingston Bowsey (in Kingston by Sea), Ham, Hamsey, and Parham, Sussex, son and heir of Edward Lewknor, Esq., of Kingston Bowsey (in Kingston by Sea), Sussex, Gentleman Usher to Kings Henry VII and Henry VIII, Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex, by his 1st wife, Margaret. They had two sons, Edward and Anthony, and three daughters, Eleanor (wife of Giles Saint Barbe), Mary (wife of John Michell), and Barbara (wife of John Dawtrey, Knt.). He was a legatee in the 1522 will of his father. In 1524 he was assessed for tax with his nine servants at half the total for Kingston and Southwick together. EDWARD LEWKNOR, Esq., died 7 July 1528. He left a will dated 1 Oct. 1527, proved 7 Nov. 1528 (P.C.C. 39 Porch). In 1537 the manor of Kingston Bowsey (in Kingston by Sea), Sussex was settled on his widow, Margaret, for life and an additional 20 years, with remainder in tail male on her younger son, Anthony Lewknor. In 1548 Margaret was the demesne lessee of the manor of King´s Barns (in Upper Beeding), Sussex.


Anne Hoo (1448 - 1510) Married Roger Copley in 1469. Nothing more is known of her except that she was the daughter of Thomas Hoo and Elenore Welles. Thomas Hoo was 1st Baron Hoo and Hastings (ca. 1396-1455), a Knight of the Garter and English courtier.


Elenore Welles 1428 - 1490) was the daughter of Lionel Welles and Joan Waterton. She married Baron Thomas Hoo and was the mother of Anne Hoo. We know nothing else of her.


Lionel Welles: Lionel de Welles, 6th Baron Welles, Knight of the Garter, (1406 – 29 March 1461) was an English nobleman and soldier. He was killed fighting on the Lancastrian side at the Battle of Towton. He was the son of Eudes Welles. He was married to Joan Waterton and they were the parents of Elenore Welles.


 Eudes de Welles (1387 - 1421), father of Lionel, was the son of Lord John de Welles and Alianor de Mowbray. (Eleanor Mowbray) He married Maud de Greystoke, daughter of Ralph de Greystoke, 3rd Lord Greystoke and Katherine de Clifford. He died before 26 August 1421.


Eleanor Mowbray (1364 - 1426), Mother of Eudes de Welles. She was the daughter of John De Mowbray and Elizabeth De Segrave We know this of her husband:
John de Welles, 5th Baron Welles (1352–1421) was an English soldier and noble. He married Margaret de Mowbray (1364-1399), daughter of John, Lord Mowbray by Elizabeth, Baroness Segrave.[1]

At a banquet in Edinburgh and presumably after too much alcohol he issued, as Champion of England, the following challenge to David Lindsay (later 1st Earl of Crawford): “Let words have no place; if ye know not the Chivalry and Valiant deeds of Englishmen; appoint me a day and a place where ye list, and ye shall have experience.” As a result of the challenge, on St George’s Day, 23 April 1390, he fought David Lindsay in mock combat on horseback on London Bridge, losing the match by falling from his horse in their third charge against each other.

He was the father of:
Eudo de Welles, d.v.p., who married Maude de Greystoke, daughter of Ralph de Greystoke, 3rd Baron Greystoke and Catherine Clifford, and had: Sir William Welles, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, married to Anne Barnewall, daughter of Sir Christopher Barnewall, and had issue including Elizabeth, Lady Slane;
Lionel de Welles, 6th Baron Welles
Eleanor de Welles, who married Hugh de Poynings, son of Thomas Poynings, 3rd Baron Poynings and Joan ..., and had issue


Elizabeth de Segrave born 25 October 1338 Croxton, England died 24 May 1368 or 24 March 1398 England. She was the daughter of John De Segrave and Marrgaret Marshall. We know this of her husband:

John de Mowbray, 4th Baron Mowbray (1340-1368) was the son of John de Mowbray, 3rd Baron Mowbray and Joan of Lancaster, daughter of Henry, 3rd Earl of Lancaster.

He was born on 25 June 1340 at Epworth. As was the custom of lords at the time, de Mowbray served in the French wars. The 4th Baron took the cross and died in Thrace near Constantinople, fighting the Turks in 1368.

John de Mowbray married Elizabeth de Segrave, 5th Baroness Segrave, daughter of Sir John de Segrave, 4th Baron Segrave, and Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk on 25 March 1349.


Marrgaret Marshall (1322 - 1399) was the mother of Elizabeth de Segrave. She was the daughter of  Thomas of Brotherton and Alice De Hales, Countess of Norfolk. Her full name was Margaret Marshall Plantagenet, Dutchess of Norfolk. Her Husband, John De Segrave was the son of John/Stephen De Segrave and Alice FitzAlan

He was born about 1316 in Norfolk, England and died 1 April 1353. He succeeded his father in 1325 as 4th Lord Segrave. He married about 1337-38 to Margaret Plantagenet, daughter of Thomas of Brotherton Plantagenet, Earl of Norfolk & his first wife Alice Halys.

John De Segrave and Margaret Plantagenet had the following children:

1.Edmund de Segrave, died in infancy
2.Elizabeth de Segrave (1338-1368) m. John De Mowbray
3.John de Segrave (1340-1349)
4.Anne de Segrave, Abbess of Barking


Thomas of Brotherton, 1st Earl of Norfolk, Lord Marshal of England (1 June 1300 – 4 August 1338) was the son of Edward I of England and Margaret of France.

He married first, probably in 1319, Alice Hayles, daughter of Sir Roger Hayles and Alice Skogan. She was supposed to have been a great beauty. Her father was the coroner of Norfolk, a title that held a different meaning in the 14th century than it does today; his post demanded that he collect and protect revenues for the king. Thomas and Alice had three children:
1.Edward of Norfolk (c. 1320 – 1334)
2.Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk (c. 1320 – 1399)
3.Alice of Norfolk (1324 - 1352)

Alice Hayles died in 1330, when a chantry was founded for her soul in Bosham, Sussex. Thomas was married again c. 28 March 1335 to Mary Braose, widow of Ralph de Cobham, Lord Cobham. He died in September 1338, and was buried in the Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds. Thomas' descent passed to the Mowbray family and ultimately the Howard Dukes of Norfolk, from whom descended two of the wives of Henry VIII of England, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.



We end this page at this point, leaving behind knights, barons, dukes, crusaders and even a convicted traitor. Subsequent pages will tell us of Kings and even saints.




For the connection to our "common" and more recent ancestors in America see:
 Cudworth line and from there to join the Doolittle Family, then Thayer and finally Copeland Families.

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