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The Cooke Family Line 

The Cook (Cook) line is one of  a confusion of people and dates and is presented here a a probable line of ancestors.

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England

Edmond Cooke was believed to be born at North clay, Kent, England about1568. His wife, Elizabeth Nicholls was reportedly born about 1573 and died in England about 1617. Two sons are known, Henry and John. Some claim Edmond and Elizabeth as the parents of Francis Cooke, the Mayflower passenger but The Francis Cook Society has no documentation to support this claim.

In America

The first Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1620, the place of the first New England settlement. The town of Naumkeag was founded in 1626 and in 1629 its name was changed to Salem. Scituate was settled by a group of people from Plymouth about 1627, who were joined by immigrants from the County of Kent in England. In 1630 the town of Boston was founded.

Generation 1
Henry Cooke (1615-1651 & Judith Birdsale (1615-1689)

Henry arrived in Salem, Massachusetts in 1638 at the age of 23. His occupation was listed as Slaughterer or butcher. Judith arrived in Boston in 1635, apparently with her parents, Henry Birdsale and Judith Agnes Kempe.  The two married 29 Jun 1639. The two were the parents of Isaac Cook, Samuel Cook, Judith Cook, Rachel Cook, John Cook, Martha Cook, Henry Cooke, Elizabeth Cook, and Mary Cook. There are different dates of birth for various children and so this list is open to question. It should also be noted that Henry is the only child who retains the "e" in the surname.

Henry Cooke has been claimed as the son of Francis Cook and Hester Mahieu but this seems to be incorrect. The Francis Cooke Society does not record Henry as their child.

Generation 2
Mary Cook (1649-1732) & Robert Moulton (1641-1731)

Mary Cook, was born in Salem on 15 Sep 1649 although a different date has also been recorded. There may have been a Mary Cook who was the daughter of her brother Henry or one of her other male siblings. She married Thomas Tabor on 28 Jan 1667. On 17 Jul 1672 she married for a second time, Robert Moulton (1644-1731) He was the son of Robert Moulton, born in England in 1616 and died in Salem in 1665. His mother was Abigail Goode, born in London in 1620 and died in Salem on 27 Mar 1666.

There were 8 children of this marriage, Mary, Robert, Ebenezer, Abigail, Samuel, Martha, Hannah and Lois. The Family lived in Salem during the witch trials between February 1692 and May 1693.

Generation 3
Martha Moulton (1685-1735) & Thomas Green (1653-1694)

Martha Moulton was born in Salem in 1685. In 1710 she married Thomas Green who was born at Salem, the son of  Thomas Green and Martha Weeks. They were the parents of 6 children; Abigail, Benjamin, Robert, Thomas, Mary who apparently died and infant and a second Mary. Martha died 18 Nov 1735 and Thomas died in 1736 both at Brimfield, Ma. Little else is known of the family. For Thomas Green's ancestry see Weeks/Atherton Family.


Generation 4
John Bullen  (1713-1778) & Abigail Green (1715-1757)

Abigail Green was born in 1715 at Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, John Bullen, born October 23, 1713 at Medfield, Ma., Married Abigail Green on 12 Apr 1738. At this point this family tree merges with the Bullen Tree for several generations before merging with the Doolittle tree and on to the Copeland tree.



The information on this branch of the family was taken mostly from a number of family trees found at Although care has been taken to include reasonable information it is subject to further verification.


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