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Winslow Family  

This is a family with cousins intermarrying and with, at the outset, much confusion as to the identity of certain people. We believe to have it all sorted out but it will not agree with many public family trees.


This is their story as I know it.

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In England

Kenelm Winslow was born at Droitwich, Worcestershire, England on 29 Apr 1599. He immigrated to Massachusits in 1633.


The Story of Our Lineage

Generation 1
Kenelm Winslow & Eleanor (Newton) Worden

Kenelm Winslow arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1633. In June of 1634 he married Eleanor Newton. There is conflicting information regarding her parents and where she was born but her year of birth appears to be 1558. There also seems to be confusion about her surname. Some sources have it as Worden. But, both women have the same birth year and Worden gave birth to Kenelm children after his marriage to Newton but before Newton's death.  I believe that we can assume that Eleanor Worden was actually the same person as Eleanor Newton.

Eleanor Newton had been married to John Adams, the patriarch of the Adams family in America and ancestor of Presidents John and John Quincy Adams. They had three children; between 1624 and 1626, John, James, and Susanna. The patriarch, John Adams, died 11 Nov 1633.

There were 6 children born to Kenelm and Eleanor between 1635 and 1641; Kenelm, Eleanor, Samuel, Nathaniel, Margaret and Job. Kenelm, Sr. died 13 Sep 1672 at Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, and Eleanor Newton followed on 05 Dec 1681 at Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The fact that Eleanor outlived her husband seems to support the conclusion that he had only the one wife.  However, we have not considered the fact that some family trees list the father of Elenore Newton as being Peter Worden. She was 26 years old when she had her first child with John Adams and it is possible that she had been married to a Newton before her marriage to Adams. That would explain a lot and maybe we should identify her as Eleanor Worden. We did find a record of a John Newton, born at Clayton, Lancashire, England about 1596 and died in America in 1633. His wife was an Eleanor who's surname was unknown. There was one child, Jane Newton, born on 20 Mar 1619 at Colyton, Devon, England.  It all seems to fit together to confirm that our ancestors were Kenelm Winslow and Eleanor Wordon. It would also be reasonable to assume that Jane Newton, and the three Adams children would have been raised in the Winslow home with Kenelm and Eleanor's 6 children.


Generation 2

Kenelm Winslow & Mercy Worden

Kenelm Winslow was born at Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts on 30 Apr 1635. He married Mercy Worden, born at Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts in 1641. They were first cousins. She was the daughter of Peter Worden (1609-1680) and Mary Magdalene Winslow (1604-1687). It is not known if or how Mary Winslow may have been related to Kenelm.

There were 8 children born to the couple between 1668 and 1680; Kemeln, Josiah, Joseph, Thomas, Samuel, Mercy, Nathaniel and Edward.

Mercy died 22 Sep 1688 at Dennis, Barnstable, Massachusetts, and Kenelm 11 Nov 1715 at the age ov 80 at Harwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts. He is buried at Dennis, MA at the Winslow burying ground.

Peter Worden's father, also Peter, is the gateway to many renowned ancestors being the descendant of Royalty, Nobles and Saints going back to the times of Christ and of Rome at that time. See Worden Family.


Generation 3
Edward Winslow & Sarah Clark

Edward Winslow was born 30 Jan 1680 at Harwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts. About 1703 at Rochester, Plymouth he married Sarah Clark.  She had been born in 1682 at Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts,, the daughter of Jonathan Clark and Mary Gutterson. Little is known of her family.

In 1775 at Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts, together with Ebenezer Lewis of Barnstable and Edmund Freeman of Harwich, he erected an iron works on the middle branch of the Mattepoisett River.

Between 1703 and 1715 the couple had 6 children; Edward, Mehitable, Sarah, Lydia, Mercy, and Thankful.

Edward died 25 Jun 1760 at Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Sarah died at the same place on 11 Oct 1767.

Generation 4
James Whitcomb (1697-1763) & Sarah Winslow (1707-1771)
The second child of Edward and Sarah Winslow married James Whitcomb. For continuation of the line go to James Whitcomb (1697-1763) & Sarah Winslow (1707-1771)

Relationship Chart:

This chart shows the relationship between myself and Edward Winslow and Magdalene Ollyver my 8th great grandparents.



Ancestors of Sarah Winslow

This chart shows all the American ancestors of Sarah Winsolw including those mentioned in the narrative above and expanding to include the families of  Winslow, Ollyver, Newton, Magdalene, Worden,  Johnson, Bosworth and Gutterson.  We have not been able to determine the identity of the parents of Mary Gutterson and the patriarch of her family in America.

Sarah Winslow Ancestors



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