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The Bullen Family Line 

Our Bullen line in America begins with Samuel. One of his descendants married into the Doolittle line of our ancestors.

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England

Samuel Bullen is reported to have been born 1617. There are published family trees that place his birth in Massachusits but if the date is correct, that is not probable. His parents John Bollen and Agnes Wiffen were reportedly from Redgrave, Suffolk, England and we assume that was his place of birth. His wife,  Mary Morse is listed as being born August 13, 1620, also in Redgrave and we will assume they were married there.

In America

The first Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1620, the place of the first New England settlement. The town of Naumkeag was founded in 1626 and in 1629 its name was changed to Salem. Scituate was settled by a group of people from Plymouth about 1627, who were joined by immigrants from the County of Kent in England. In 1630 the town of Boston was founded.

Generation 1
Samuel Bullen (1617-1691 & Mary Morse (1620-1691)

The arrival date in America of Samuel Bullen and his wife Mary Morse is unknown and nothing is known of their life here. They settled in the town of Medfield in Massachusetts (New Dedham) which was first settled in 1649. Their son Ephraim was born there on July 18, 1653. We know of no other children.

Half the town (32 houses, two mills, and many barns) was destroyed by Indians during King Philip's War in 1675. One house, known as the Peak House, was burnt in the war but was rebuilt shortly there-after near downtown Medfield. The Dwight-Derby house downtown Medfield survived the war and still stands. We can assume that the family lived through that event.

Samuel died on January 16, 1691 followed closely by Mary on February 14 of the same year.

Generation 2
Ephraim Bullen  (1653-1694) & Grace Fairbanks (1663-1697)

Ephraim Bullen, born July 18, 1653 married Grace Fairbanks who was born in Lancaster, Ma on  on September 15, 1663, the daughter of Jonas Fairbanks and Lydia Prescott.

Jonas Fairbanks had been born at Sowerby, West Riding, Yorkshire, England on March 8, 1625. Lydia was born on August 15, 1641 at Watertown, Massachusetts, the daughter of  John Prescott and Mary Gawkroger. Records indicate John and Mary were married in England in 1629. John was reportedly born at Standish, Lancaster, England in 1604 and Mary was born In Halifax, Yorkshire, England on May 15, 1607. They arrived in Boston in 1633. See Fairbanks House.

Between 1681 and 1689 Ephraim and Grace gave birth to at least 4 children, Mary, Ephraim, John, and Grace, all born at Sherborn, Massachusetts. Ephraim died at Sherborn in 1694 and Grace in Lancaster, MA on September 11, 1697. Ephraim and Grace were my

7th great grandparents.
Generation 3
John Bullen (1686-1757) & Sarah Underwood (1687-1757)

John Bullen, born at Sherborn, Massachusetts on February 22, 1686, married Sarah Underwood, who was born at Watertown, Ma on February 9, 1687. See Underwood Family.

Little is known of the family except that they seemed to have moved several times during the time their children were born between 1713 and 1731. There were 5 children of which we are aware; John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Grace, and Samuel.

John died on January 28, 1757 and Sarah on September 18 of the same year, both at Brimfield, Ma.

Generation 4
John Bullen (1713-1778) & Abigail Green (1715-1757)

John Bullen, born October 23, 1713 at Medfield, Ma., Married Abigail Green on 12 Apr 1738. She had been born at Brimfield, Ma in 1715. According to member trees, Abigail's father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all named Joseph Green. the first one in line was listed as having been born at Malden, Ma in 1630 but this is unlikely. The area had been purchased by the pilgrims from the local Indians in 1629 but not settled until 1640. It is more likely that he was born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England and immigrated with his parents Thomas (1606-1686) and Elizabeth Lynde (1607-1658), who both died in Malden, Ma. On the side of Abigails' mother,  Martha Moulton, her great-grandfather Robert Moulton had been born in  England and settled with his wife Abigail Goode in Salem, Ma.
See the The Cooke/Moulton/Green Families for this line. Also see Abigail Green Pedegtee.

The family lived in Brimfield, Ma and had at least 3 children between 1742 and 1750. They were Sarah, John, and David.

Abigail died on September 18, 1757 and John on August 29, 1778.


Generation 5

John Bullen (1747-1824) & Mary Whitcomb (1759-?)

This, the third in the line of "John" Bullen's was born at Brimfield, Ma on August 8, 1747.  It was  on July 18, 1772 that he married 16 year old Mary Whitcomb of Rochester Ma. She had been born on October 23, 1759. See the Whitcomb/Cudworth Family for information of her family line.

Between 1773 and 1793 there were 7 children born to John and Mary; Abigail, Mary, Diodemia (Demia), John, Irene, and Sarah. During their marriage, the family resided in Ware, Ma where the first of the children were born and then relocated to Oneida county, New York, the birthplace of the last two.

John died in Paris Hills, Oneida, NY on June 17, 1824. Mary is reported in several family trees as having died on February 28, 1771 but that is obviously incorrect since they were married in 1772 and she had her last child in 1793.

The Royal connection.
Mary Whitcomb provides the link from Royalty that extends to Abigail Bullen, Charles Butler Doolittle, Jennie Marcia Thayer to Alden J Copelanrd and hsi decendants.

Generation 6

Abigail Bullen (1773-1847) & Jared Doolittle (1771-1847)

Abigail Bullen was probably born at Ware, NY born on September 13, 1773. She married Jared Doolittle on December 31, 1795. To continue this line of the family see the Doolittle Family



The information on this branch of the family was taken mostly from a number of family trees found at Although care has been taken to include reasonable information it is subject to further verification.

Although little is known of the individual members of this family line the 1st generation stands out in that they came to this place to improve their lives but were soon involved with war with the Indians in which they must have been active participants, having half their town destroyed.

This line of our family, besides the Bullen surname, introduces us to the additional families of Whitcomb, Green, Underwood, Fairbanks, Morse, Prescott and Gawkroger. Several branches developed into family pages of their own which will lead to even more surnames being added to our tree.


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