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The Hall Family Line 

Our Hall line in America begins with John. At the second generation it diverges into two lines of ancestry, one to marry into the Doolittle family line and the other into the Royce family line. The Royce Family line later merges with the Doolittle Family which eventually merges with the Copeland line.

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England

John Hall was born in England, exact place unknown, in about 1605. Jane Wollen was also born in an unknown location in England and her date of birth is unknown. We know nothing of their parents or siblings.

In America

The ship Mayflower arrived and discharged its passengers at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1620, the place of the first New England settlement. In 1630 the town of Boston was founded, providing an excellent harbor.


Generation 1

John Hall (1605-1676 & Jane Woolen ( - 1690)

John Hall lived in Boston, Arrival date unknown. He was a soldier in the Pequot War, May and June, 1637. He moved to New Haven, Connecticut before January 17, 1641 and eventually moved to Wallingford, Connecticut.  In 1675 he was a selectman.

Jane lived with the family of William Wilkes of Boston probably came to America with them since he paid her fare and gave her L3 a year for her services in his family for 5 years. He promised her L10 as a gift when she married, but did not give it to her. John Hall obtained it from Mr. Wilkes estate through litigation.

The two were married before 1644 and had 9 children; John, Sarah, Richard, Samuel, Daniel, Thomas, Jonathan, David, and Mary.

John died in 1676 and Jane in 1690.  John & Jane were my 8th great grandparents. See John Hall Pedigree Chart


It is interesting to note that back around 1300 there were several family members who were knights, ie Sir William Willelmo Bridgnorth De Hill. The spelling of the name was "Hill and the "De" indicated a French influence. Several of our ancestors were included in List of High Sheriffs of Somerset. A couple held the title, "Judge of the Kings Bench". But I need not remind you that all this and $1.75 can get you a cup of coffee these days.


Generation 2

John Hall (1644-1721) & Mary Parker (1648-1725)

John Hall the son of John and Jeanne (Wollen) Hall, married  Mary Parker on Dec. 6, 1666,.  They lived in Wallingford, Connecticut. John's occupation was turner (worker in wood). John was deacon of the first Wallingford church; selectman in 1675; deputy of the General Court at Hartford, 1687. A descendant, Rev. Aaron Hall of Keene, had recently a piece of the family silver in their posession marked "John and Mary Hall."

Mary Parker was the daughter of Edward John Parker (1622-1662) and Elizabeth Wood (1626-1677) They lived in New Haven. There are claims that both were born there but since New Haven had not been established until 1638 that is unlikely. Mary's grandfather was reported to be William of Earl Ofmorley of Hanbury Compa Parker (1530-1662) of London England.  He is listed as being in Nansemond Virginia at the time of his death.  William Parker's wife's name is unknown but she is reported to have been born in England in 1586 and dying in Wallingford, CT, date unknown. Mary's grandparents on her mother's side were Henry Wood (1575-1636) and Isabell Goodspeed (1579-1634) of Buckinghamshire, England. Neither came to America which supports the supposition that Elizabeth Wood and most likely her husband John Parker were born in England.

Children were: Elizabeth b. N.H., Aug. 11, 1670; Daniel b. July 26, 1672; Mary b. June 23, 1675; Nathaniel b. Feb. 8, 1677; John b. March 14, 1681; Lydia b. Jan 22, 1683; Samuel b. Dec. 24, 1686; d. Nov. 1, 1689; Esther b. Aug. 30, 1693; and Caleb b. Sept. 14, 1697

Genealogical Notes above: Relating to the families of Hon. Lyman Hall, of Georgia; Hon. Samuel Holden Parsons Hall, of Binghamton, N.Y.; and Hon. Nathan Kelsey Hall, of Buffalo, N.Y.

John died on September 2, 1721 and Mary on September 22, 1725.

Samuel Hall (1646-1725 &  Hannah Walker (1646-1728)

Sammuel Hall, son of  John and Jeanne (Wollen) Hall, married Hannah Walker. She was born 26 Sep 1646 at New Haven Connecticut, the daughter of John and Grace Walker. Her grandfather was born in 1618 apparently in England. Some sources has him born in Hartford Connecticut but this is obviously an error.

The couple lived in Hartford and are believed to have had six children between 1670 and 1690. The children were;  John, Hannah, Samuel, Theophilus, Kezia, and Elizabeth.

Samuel died at New Haven on 26 Sep 1646 and Hannah on 20 Dec 1728.

Their daughter Kezia who was born in 1688 married Nehemiah Royce. They were our 6th great grandparents. The line can be followed at the 3rd generation at Royce Family Line


3rd Generation 

Nathaniel Hall (1677-1757) & Elizabeth Curtis (1680-1735)

Nathaniel Hall, son of John and Mary, was born in New Haven February 8, 1677. On May 11, 1699 he married Elizabeth Curtis who had been born in Wallingford, CT on September 11, 1680.  For her family information see Curtis Family.

There were 10 children born between 1700 and 1720; Amos, Margaretta, Caleb, Moses, Mary, Nathaniel, James, Elizabeth, Desire, and Harmon.

Nothing else is known of this family other than Elizabeth died on September 30, 1735 and Nathaniel on August 16, 1757, both in Wallingford, CT.


4th Generation

Caleb Hall (1703-1767) & Ester Humphreville (1710-1812)

Calib Hall was born in Wallingford on January 3, 1703. On May 11, 1726 he married Esther Humphreville. She was born in New Haven on September 12, 1710, the daughter of Samuel and Experience Humphreville. Samuel was born in New Haven in 1666 and died in West Haven on May 30, 1748. His wife, Experience Pinion was born in West Haven in 1679 and died there on August 27, 1753. The parents of Samuel Humphreville, John (1641-1707) and Mary (1645- ?) had settled in West Haven. He is listed as being born but that is not sure. She is reported to have been born in Exter, Devon, England. Little is known of the parents of Experience Pinion, Thomas (1662-1710) and Mercy Mansfield (1662-1742) of New Haven. Their parents are a mystery.

Caleb and Esther lived in Wallingford, Ct. and had 14 children between 1727 and 1757. They were; Margaret, Esther, Caleb, Nathaniel, Moses, Lydia, Desire, Sarah, Margaret, Titus, Rhoda who died at 2, Jonah, Rhoda (again), and Lucretia.

Caleb died May 12, 1767 and Esther in 1812.  


5th Generation

Lydia Hall (1738-?) & Philemon Doolittle (1738-?)

Lydia Hall, the 6th child of Caleb and Esther, married Philemon Doolittle. You can follow this family line with the  Doolittle Family.


The information on this branch of the family was taken mostly from One World Tree. Although care has been taken to include reasonable information it is subject to further verification.


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