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The Munson Family Line 

Our Munson line in America begins with Thomas. One of his descendants married into the Doolittle line of our ancestors.

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England

Thomas Munson, born September 13, 1612 at Rattlesden, Suffolk, England, was a child of John Mundson (1571-1650) and Elizabeth Spark (1575-1634). We have no accurate record of his siblings. Richard Mew (b.1586) and Anna Stone's children included Joanna, born in 1610 at Stenbury, Hampshire, England. We assume that Thomas Munson and Joanna were married in England before  1634.

In America

The ship Mayflower arrived and discharged its passengers at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1620, the place of the first New England settlement. In 1630 the town of Boston was founded, providing an excellent harbor.


Generation 1

Thomas Munson (1612-1685) & Joanna Mew (1611-1678)

Thomas Munson, born September 13, 1612, and Joanna Mew born in 1611 , came to America on the ship Elizabeth in 1634. They settled in Hartford, Ct., and then moved to New Haven, Ct. Thomas was a representative in 1666 in the Indian War, in the Hartford contingent, involved in the destruction of Pequot Fort under Captain Mason on June 5, 1667. He was offered land in New Haven if he would make wheels and ploughs for the good of the colony. He commanded New Haven troops defending the Norrituck Plantation against Indians.

They had three children that we know of;  Elizabeth born in 1642 in New Haven, Samuel born in 1643 at New Haven, and Hannah born in 1648 at Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.

Joanna died on December 12, 1678 at Hartford and Thomas died on May 7, 1685 in New Haven


Generation 2

Samuel Munson (1643-1693) & Martha Bradley (1648-1707)

Samuel Munson was born on August 7, 1643 in New Haven Connecticut.
Samuel was the second generation Munson to live in the New World. He was he second child of Thomas Munson, born August 7, 1643. He married Martha Bradley, daughter of Alice Pritchard and William Bradley. The Bradley family is believed to have come from Bradford, Devon, Yorkshire, England, and The Prichard family from Wales. They lived in New Haven until 1670.

Samuel Munson was the nineteenth signer of an agreement by thirty-four men proposing to become Planters at a new settlement in the wilderness twelve miles north-northeast of New Haven. It lay on a plain extending from south to north a mile or two, and situated about a mile eastward of the Quinnipiac, and was to be called Wallingford.

For ten years, the inhabitants of Wallingford met for worship on the Sabbath in the houses of Lieutenant N. Merriman and Ensign Samuel Munson.

In 1679, he was chosen to serve as the first schoolmaster, and he also served through the years as Deacon, auditor, selectman, treasurer, lister, recorder, leather-sealer, envoy to the governor, constable, and drummer and ensign in the militia.

In 1682, Samuel returned to New Haven, perhaps to make a home for his widowed father, Thomas, perhaps to become master of the Hopkins Grammar School, perhaps both. The earliest record book of the Hopkins Grammar School begins with 1684, and shows on January 4, 'Agreed that Ensign Munson go on with the Grammar School at New Haven to make up his year current and his allowance to be 40 pounds, per annum as formerly. . . also that trial be made of the sufficiency of the said Ensign Munson, and if he be found sufficient to instruct or fit hopeful youth for the College. . . that he have 40 pounds for the ensuing year.' Three months later, he laid down his charge and was succeeded by a graduate of Harvard College.

Between 1667 and 1682, Samuel and Martha had 8 children; Martha, Samuel, Thomas, John, Theophilus, Joseph, Stephen,  and Caleb.

At his death in 1693, he left an estate valued at 350 pounds. His widow, Martha, married Eliaseph Preston, born 1643, died 1707. Preston was schoolmaster, town-clerk, and deacon in Wallilngford. Eliaseph's daughter, Mary, was the second wife of Martha's oldest son, Samuel (Thomas' grandson).


3rd Generation 

Samuel Munson (1669-1741) & Martha Franes (1670-1707)

Samuel was born in New Haven on February 28, 1669.  He married Martha Franes who had been born in 1670 in Wallingford, daughter of Samuel Franes (1638-1704). Her mother's name is unknown and nothing else is known of the family.

We only know of one child of Samuel and Martha, a son, William, born October 13, 1695 in Wallingford.  Martha died on January 7, 1707 when William was only 12 and Samuel died on November 23, 1741, both in Wallingford.


4th Generation

William Munson (1695-1773) & Rebecca Curtis (1697-1742)

William Munson was born in Wallingford, Connecticut on October 13, 1695. He married Rebecca Curtis, possibly in 1728. She was born in Wallingford on August 21, 1697 of Thomas and Mary Curtis. See the Curtis Family.

Between 1729 and 1742 they had 8 children; Martha, William, Eunice, Peter, Hannah, Samuel, George, and Amasa.  Rebeca died in 1742 and William followed on July 21, 1773, both in Wallingford. 


5th Generation

Martha Munson (1729) & Ambrose Doolittle (1719-1793)

Martha Munson, the first child of William and Rebecca, married Ambrose Doolittle. You can follow this family line with the  Doolittle Family.


This line of the family whose patriarch in America arrived in 1634, just 14 years after the Mayflower. Their roots were in England with an early infusion of the Welch. Family names, besides Munson, include; Mew, Bradley, Prichard, Franes, and Curtis. The most distinguished among them appears to be Samuel Munson, the second generation of the family here.


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