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The Fredericks/Tuttle
Family Line 

Our story of the Tuttle Ancestors begins in England and goes to Massachusetts for several generations when it merges into the Fredericks and then the Doolittle Families

This is their story, as I know it.

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In England

Nothing is known of our Tuttle ancestors prior to William's arrival in New England

In America

The ship Mayflower arrived and discharged its passengers at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1620, the place of the first New England settlement. In 1630 the town of Boston was founded, providing an excellent harbor.


Generation 1

William Tuttle ( 1607- 1678) & Elizabeth Mathews (1612-1684)

William Tuttle was born at Ringstear, England 26 Dec 1607. His wife, Elizabeth Mathews is believed to have been born in Exeter, England in 1612. They arrived in Massachusetts about 1635 with their two children; Hannah and Thomas. They settled in Charlestown, Massachusetts. William was a merchant. His brother John had entered into some questionable business ventures and fled back to England.

In Massachusetts ten additional children were born; Thomas, Jonathan, David, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth, Simon, Benjamin, Mercy, and Nathaniel.

William died 16 Jun 1675 at New Heaven, Connecticut and Elizabeth on 08 Dec 1684.  They were my 9th great grandparents.


Generation 2

Jonathan Tuttle ((1637 - ) & Rebeca Bell (1643-1696)

Jonathan Tuttle, the fourth child of William and Elizebeth was born at Charlestown, Ma 1n 1737. He married Rebeca Bell, born in 1643 in Connecticut. She was the daughter of Francis Bell and Rebeca, immigrants from England.

The family settled in New Heaven, Connecticut and had 6 children; Rebecca, Mary, Jonathan, Simon, William and Nathaniel. Rebeca Bell died 02 May 1696. The date of her husband's death is unknown.


3rd Generation 

Mary Tuttle (1666-1696) & William Fredricks (1686 - )

Mary Tuttle was born 07 Feb 1666. She married William Fredericks. We know nothing of him other than he was born in 1686. His parents are unknown. Mary died in 1696 at New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, but we do not know of her husband's death place or date. We know of two children; Mary and Elizabeth.


4th Generation

Mary Fredericks (1685-1747) & John Doolittle (1681-1746)

Mary Fredericks, born 22 Jul 1685, married John Doolittle. For a continuation of this line see Doolittle Family Line.


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Cousins & Stuff


Mr. Joseph McLaughlin

The DNA Study matched me to Mr. Joseph McLaughlin through Thomas Tuttle (1705-1750). Joseph and I appear to be 10th cousins. See Relationship Chart.


B. B. J.(administered by caberkshire1)

This cousin was also found through a DNA match. He (or she) is a 10th cousin of the Tuttle line. See Relationship Chart. This is a "double Cousin" also to be a cousin through t\my Curtis ancestors. See


S. T. schvaneveldt

I also find that John Tuttle (1657-1708) of the S. T. schvaneveldt tree was the grandson of William Tuttle. the patriarch of the Tuttle family in America. He was my 9th great grandfather. This DNA match is to an apparent 10th cousin 1X removed. See Relationship Chart.

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